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Oh no i'm not gonna ask you get your personal but no but the idea like trying to get people in a sit down hard off. Let me say this. The core people that i usually hang out with are not celebrities for the most part. I don't hang out with celebrities. Dax has a family. He's very busy so we try to see judge. We text here and there a love him so i have friendships that were like text. How are you what's going on. Let's get lunch or something sometimes but the core of my friends are i have like a little. It'll band my friend tom of thirty five years. My friend can twenty years. It's the same people in them. I grew up with tom in newburgh indiana china. He lived down the street. He was popular i wasn't he wanted to be my roommate in college you've ever had him on the show. No he really nervous. Maybe shed and see if it comes at turns out right. It'd be kind of fun friend rob who works for marketing for homeless <hes> for homeless people and <hes> you know he's my lead guitarist. I hang out with just a bunch of guys who have real jobs in turkey and by the way i feel more grounded when i'm around them and they keep me grounded. I think you start hanging out with just celebrities and you're all around that just like there's not a lot of what's the word. A depth was even in my lexicon famous friends but let's whose most famous front my most famous friend in most famous brand well. How do you define friend. Somebody that you can call you can text and go hey. Do you want to grab lunch and they're like hey. Let's do it like hang out. I i don't have that. I mean i get seth green a dachshund me say hey let's get together. Those guys are phenomenal right but then like you know i mean i've done the reason clooney if not no you have his number of his need clooney's number thing. You never thought of like sahim advertising yeah well for sure so you ever email so ever do that no dog in while. I haven't seen you to send its oh my god. No i would never do that. He would he would now. I would not not like because he's like. He's in he's someplace. He's famous inglorious in these by here's some a real down to earth guy named matt lillard who lives in pasadena and he's like look dude fuck yeah. I'm tired of hanging out. Tarintino can rich pompous ass people and i want to hang out with lillard ticket. I'll play dungeons and dragons dungeons and dragons. I wanna go to the olive garden garden. Chill out with lillard right. Let's lock down all of all of the garden. It's the same reason i mean i never would never it's just not my life because i do think it goes back to who are you. My life is like i'm the fat kid that idea. Do you like social anxiety my kids both of my kids go through some social anxiety stuff and for a long time i'm like what are you talking about your super personable your i your charming arming shed like and then i was like oh wait. I have swings eighty me and hollywood. Party is like get me out of here me like country party. I'm like oh my god. My skin is is crawling. You put me with a bunch of artists. Put me with a bunch of actors like i couldn't be happier but when you put me outside of my element i just i i can't do it. Freaks me out. I understand that because i had the same i always feel like i don't belong always feel. I hung do you think i i know i make it clear. I'm uncomfortable. I say i like i like look. I feel like i have to be funny. I have to be on or they're not gonna except right and i'm boring and i don't let that's why i had so many arguments with like a representation my manager my agent who were like to go go to this go to the golden globes. I'm like no. I have a movie or tv show. Why would i do go to this party. It's going to be important and no it's not i can't do that. I don't have so. I thought them forever. Somebody who i do podcast i do you know social media for the podcast amick funny videos and stupid shit but like i don't i don't do do the hollywood thing really like you said you walked in. You like oh my god. Why do you have in napoleon's item opposed or why do you have a jerk poster autograph the mike because as a kid that's all i did. I had movies. That's all i had was. I watched movies. That is my life and so now. I'm still that kid in high school when i see wes craven or when he sees you know not anymore anymore. I like that. I'm like oh my god. That's so exciting. I want to get your autograph. I mean i don't say it right then. I'm very very cool about it like stallone. I worked with him two weeks. We're at the last. Go sly cool at that point. You call me pippi longstocking because i had at least that's what my face on the c._g._i. So he said i hear pippi. What are you doing doing. I'm like hey we saw my ramble lunch box. You get a rambling bucks got you. How old are you forty six years old you gotta reimbursable lunch and he signed it and had a thermos in and he couldn't believe it but then you have it before or did you know you got it. You've found ebay. I swear i had the ramble lunchbox and i'm like oh my god. I'm going to have the ramble lunch but was that on guardians guardians james gunn may be the most famous friend now do you ever i think we can talk about this because james wallis and he's one of my best friends as well. Do you think you ever like killed it for him and scooby doo. What does he put me in guardians. I know i killed it for him. In school i mean the guy tried audition for guardian. I guess for the for prats you know he was brilliant. Uh i'm just saying i went to. I did tasers face. Oh and i was like chris. Elvin was and i i was like and i saw him the night that same night. He had a party that the same day audition and he came up to. He's like oh my god. You're good. Thank god so as good so i was in the running but i didn't get all right so yeah. He loves you and i love him. I love him and often enough but i want but look. There's no doubt like semi twitter recently. What is the what role do you want and i was like whatever movie james guns doing realizes yeah because i i because i i love him. I don't know i do too. Some people go dude. He's doing guardians. Why don't you ask you don't ask he's my one of my best friends if he wants to put me in something. He'll turn give me. He knows he knows his job. Snail internally grateful for it but that's but that's the thing is you go back to and you're in it. I was in the idea of going back to like. It's heart heart. I mean you want to be number one on the call sheet you want that job and it's like even your good friend. You're not working for. I mean that's the thing that's crazy to me. I mean i i look at the producers. This could be due at mike. You guys have made like richard sokoll and chuck grove and you guys have made a lot of really big movies. There's not a part you know. There's there's no way that i can i can i come in and audition like can i at least fight for the job. Dude i listen the reality. Is i look. We've all worked. I remember i did urban legend right after screaming people. Call it a scream rip off but you know i enjoyed it. I loved it. I thought it was fun. Movie and all those huge producers neil merritt sir. He came up to me one day and goes. You're the next tom hanks of course. I knew i was not the next tom hanks. Nobody could be the next. Tom hanks but i loved it. I was young league room like fuck yeah never heard from this guy but he does all these big giant movies that make billions of dollars. He couldn't have said hey rosenbaum becoming and give ten lines signs in one scene and crush it now one call i could tell you this is about the one guy that does it. James gunn put me in the movie and my buddy dax shepard bird dax shepard every movie. He's made he's on rosie. I got a real for you. Rosie got this for it's like when you think of working with your friends is the best time. How many times do i hear yeah. You're good friends with jason reitman r. m. mike i am. I love jason. Why hasn't he put you anything. I'm like maybe i'm not right for the five hundred roles. Maybe i'm not good now. He auditioned for something in up in the air and i was not good. I was not good in the audition seriously. I don't know i just kind of winged it. I don't i sometimes uh-huh self destructive it is i don't wanna put here's the thing i don't wanna put so much. <hes> although i'm doing it right now he sends you put so much work into something then you don't get it. It's like fuck. I just felt like i just worked for two weeks for something that i didn't even get you know that is you know but but i go. I know sounds like yeah. I know now. The idea is that it's two weeks. At least you're working on something two weeks a purpose network yard arc. That's that you're collecting all the collect hours if you believe in ten thousand hours you like oh dude. I'm just collecting hours lillard yeah. The light just went off. I now understand exactly what you're fucking talking about. You're saying that that two weeks of me busting my ass is fulfilling and it's like i just about result to give me a hot do here this tyler. This is really good advice this. This is like tyler when you leave here and you're edit that shitty podcast. What do you do with the rest of the day. Go the coffee bean. Why don't you fucking party so i mean life bastard. I think i think it's a universal thing for like millennials right now to put so much stake stake in work and to put so much worse than how much you work. You know there was a time where i was working like one or two days a week and i was like how do i get that to five..

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