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What's up everybody, another new edition of southeast beat great to have you here with us. It is January 14th. I know I mentioned that, but I'm saying it again because it's my mom's birthday. So even though I know she's not out there listening, happy birthday, mom, way to be I'll text you later on. We're gonna get into a whole lot of Celtic stuff. We got Mark Murphy at the Herald good friend of the program, of course, Evan valenti. I'm back here with you missed last week's show. Evan kind enough to take the reins on that one with Chris grenfell. That was a very emotional show confident. All over Twitter, people were talking about how emotional it was. Out of all the shows you could have missed, like that's the one I feel like you should have been a part of, you know, like that was such a, I mean, coming right off that Nick's loss. I mean, it was right after the loss. It was like, it was like, I was on fire then and I was texting you all night. And I was like, I was like, I got to get I spent so much time trying to get my thoughts together after the game. And writing it down because I'm like, I need to get the emotion that's in here on the screen. So when I go at it tomorrow morning, I still have that Benjamin energy. And I just, I was so mad upset, angry, emotional, all that stuff all wrapped up in one. Well, you just described the players after that game. They were the same state of mind. Although it's kinda too bad that you wait until the next morning, I feel like if ever there were a good time for this show to have like a live postgame periscope or I don't even think periscope exists, but a live Twitter, you know, thing in the same way that, you know, people can check out our partners over at the garden report right after a game. That would have been a good situation for you. Just like turn on the camera turn on the mic and let's go. I should have texted zanis and be like, have me on your show right now because I'm about to tear everybody a new one. I got things like things to say. I was so I was so getting the worst part was you could just see it coming. As soon as the third quarter started, it didn't go up to a great start. It's like, oh my goodness, if they're gonna blow this game the Knicks, they were up 25 in this game..

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