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In spring the dials in the andrew han memorial conference center in los angeles andrew honda how melania how many weeks are we gonna see brand and low aka below until we just assume people know below okay this will be the last week will never do it again tomorrow can't that sets how is that an accusation i just wanted to now and at san antonio aka san antonio international airport think he can fight a mexico to the other international destination uh the one the only back after one week i eta's banned man in the may blaming me and he's he is leaked all of my job is blurred as they need in may it is a pleasure to be backley boys jiang humana is uh is under the weather's we hope jackie feels better it's a long winter in men's burners so be seeing her he talking here next week guys weirdo crazy ask finish to a game last night in denver when when um which featured may be one of the most remarkable passes i've ever seen and i saw the lebrun to wade eighty five foot baseball touchdown pass what have you uh in person nickel a yokich throwing a how far as the court across fifty feet right for some nonbelievers seven well then he threw a forty six and a half foot laser beam crossing pattern that i can't think of i don't even know the quarterback of the broncos these days.

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