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Officer DEA wield out Of the hospital on a gurney, his body Wrapped in an American flag. The suspect would later be found dead in a wooded area behind the Home depot. After taking his own life, I'm Sean Gallagher, Columbus Police are investigating a shooting that has left a man injured. The incident took place at a gas station in East Columbus, located near the 3100 block of East Main Street. This happened around 2 15 this morning. The 36 year old victim was shot while pumping gas and didn't know where the gunshot had come from. He was then taken to grant medicals and stable condition and expected to survive. The incident is under investigation and the Cleveland Indians, maybe changing their name. The Major League Baseball team put out a statement on Friday night, saying they're recognize their unique place in the community. And they're committed to listening, learning and acting in the manner that Khun Best unite and inspire the city of Cleveland and all those who support the team. Name was chosen by reporters back in 1915 team history says it was an honor of Louis Sock Alexis, a native American playing for the team at that time. I'm Tom Moore. And Cleveland's mayor has ordered that people need to wear masks in public spaces immediately. Toledo City Council is expected to vote on a similar proposal this upcoming Tuesday. I'm Sara Lee's You the latest trending stories at the top and bottom of every hour. Columbus is news is on radio 6 10 W T V EN ded u Nog coz now offering an extra.

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