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Sarah gordo dot com Has links so that you can submit a comment about it to the bureau land-management so you can send in a really angry email to k. To mining company and watch the video. It's really good. It's not super long and it kind of outlines a lot of the work that he does and the importance of this basically what they're gonna do is they're gonna dig a huge out of where a mountain was bringing dump all that shit into a pile and dump a bunch of cyanide onto it then all the cyanide that runs off we'll have these tiny specks of gold that will that they're able to then produce with so you know not really environmentally friendly especially because there are endangered species in the area danger trees non environmentally-friendly and it doesn't even sound efficient now. No but that's it's only efficient if you have a huge amount of material and a lot of my is e so please please please go to the website if you want to fuck over the corporations if you wanna fuck over the man if you are anti-capitalist if you're a communist if you're a socialist if you give a shit about the planet that were on among other things you know this is a real chance to prove yourself. Go go right. A comment watch video. Write a comment. tell not to do it and You know. I can't say this. Well actually i can say this. Because i'm anonymous and I'm not running this thing. But like i don't care if you threaten the he's got his email on the web to minnesota. I say yeah do and You limited time offer if you send us a message on instagram. We will send you a download link to bomb making books. No i'm just kidding. I won't do that. But jesus christ god damn it but yeah really. I am really basically what i do in my off. Time is drive around the desert finding these historical sites. I didn't even mention that part. The land that they're claiming his historical. They've got old cabins from the eighteen hundreds on them still they've got like it's conservancy land. So it's supposed to be conservative supposed to be public land that anybody can go and hike and enjoy and it's just gonna be literally a pit and don't fall for that bullshit. Everybody in utah least at one point in your elementary fucking one of those companies came to your school. Did this happen to you I'm pretty sure nicely. Talk about how important the mining and everything how they talked about how after all that when they leave they would restore it to. Its you know to its natural beauty shah. Yeah i'm like okay. Yeah you're currently eating a mountain off the highway. You're having to justify your actions to children which means you're probably not doing some good shit. Yeah exactly it's it's wilder propaganda really So yeah i'm the force. Feed that to kids. Who don't even know who the fuck you are. Who don't know what mining is so. I'm pissed off. I wrote a what. I think is a fantastic me and my wife both wrote shit to the blm that met the character limit. So we're we're passionate about news good so so each and every one of you please. This is your chance to show. How punk rock you are But watch video he he. He works his way better than i than i ever can. He's really good at communicating. So just just watch the video. Mix check out amid a comment please. This is super important. Because basically what he's doing is he's restoring this ghost town using the material that he can find around the go sandwiches amazing in itself and he's going to open it up so that you can go there and camp you can go there and stay in the the original hotel..

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