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Now he talked about the violence. That is the line for me and a lot for a lot of you as well. Tim from Padonia joins us on the on the former site in Faced with morning. Thank you for taking up, Tom. Couple a couple of quick point, Steve, these things should have never gotten this far. Okay. When, when elected officials take not only the cops when elected officials In hopes of office. They're number one is to protect the constitutional rights and safety of their citizens that they're protecting and are serving. Evers didn't that's in the situation. He was offered protection from the federal to come in and help out. You denied that so he broke it off right there. At the end of the day. We're gonna look back, Steve and look at the facts with the boycotting going on the sports and just makes my point here. We're kind of pro testing a myth you, Steve, if you look at the numbers and the facts of the situation We always argue and loot and riot over things that are not actually based their rhetorically based and argumentative Ili base, but they have no actual value affection. Satisfied And then all of a sudden everybody's lives is running. That's lost in this whole thing that we have no leadership at the state level. This could have been in front of you could have had help right away and none of this would have happened. Steve, I just want to hear your response. Thanks, buddy. Thanks, Tim. Thanks for listening as well to your point about the lack of response. Here's what's Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth said. Yesterday, he said Evers did not reject any proposal from Kenosha. Law enforcement, instead has been working with David Beth. Now there's to mobilize more truths. He said. There was a miscommunication between canals account. This is David. Best thing. It's not the governor. Was a miscommunication between Kenosha County officials over who requested assistance from Evers, Our governor, and it turned out No. One hand. Again. This is what Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth said. Since then, he said, he's been working with the National Guard's leader on getting more troops. A direct quote from David Beth was a Republican. By the way we've been dealing with General Paul Nap..

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