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That's S H A V E at barbasol dot com. Clinton. I was thinking about this kyri Irving Celtics situation that conversation we're having earlier, you know, I believe the same page that we don't expect to stay in Boston fair. Yeah. Okay. All right. That's right. So because he has a player option. He cannot out if you're the Celtics are you concerned that he doesn't leave. Oh, you know. That's an interesting question. Caught me off guard like honestly, just came to be. We came back, Dan. I'm Danny aines. I'm like Joe, please don't pick this please don't pick it up because it gives them more flexibility, perhaps less turns turn it doesn't turn to salary tap. But maybe gives them a better idea of what they can have going forward is for trying to get Anthony Davis or trying to do whatever. If he's not there. If he all of a sudden, you know, pulls the triggers y'all I'm gonna take the player option on this year. So I'm going to stay like, oh, we weren't expected at what the hell do we do? Now, I think puts Brad Stevens under huge microscope because I think we're at the point now for the Celtics because a lot of times people talk like Brad was these sort of soothsayer of all he kept everything together. You know, he was the guy behind the guy because he's not a very outspoken tude. But at some point. You know when these results start coming back, and you look up and down the sideline who's responsible? If kyri comes back, and it doesn't really work out the same way. I think Stephen fired him. But you know, the hot seat is definitely there for a basketball town that expects to win. I mean, that's just what it is. In boston. But I think this though, I think roster always termines what should be expected from any coach. Okay. So have they overachieved they overachieved last year based on Gordon Hayward getting hurt and Cary Irving getting hurt when he did for them to reach the Eastern Conference finals. Right. That's an overachiever based on the talent. And the young court. You had them at squad. But I think maybe it also gave them a false sense of expectations. I say them hell gave it to me. I thought because the the played so well without those guys and they came back, they'd be even better. That's why I thought they win the east. But clearly that was a mistake because there's so much more involved when you have a team dynamic as opposed to just talent you, but it's how that talent works together chemistry. Whatever buzzword you wanna use. But I wouldn't put that necessarily Brad Stevens though, that's my point. So curry leaves does that put more on Brad Stevens take away from what expectations should be under his legal? That's tough because I do put cohesion balance on the coach. I mean, that's what they're for some of them beyond calling plays and getting guys motivated. I I got to believe that the coaches involved in that level of leadership. I'm just thinking about a couple of other things in terms of the Celtics and how this season went which is we were talking about this on around the horn the other day and is chairs brought up a great point. Which is that getting popped out of the playoffs by the bucks wasn't the real issue. The issue was that they had to face the books in the second round at all like their regular season fell out of the water. And so things every you know, every single thing that went on the playoff. Sure, they the Pacers. But like they were already coming in from a point that was underwhelming for most people, which is where the Stevens discussion gets back to it. If they're not even getting to their peak form as people see in the regular season. He certainly can't expect to happen in the playoffs. And how many times that can happen before you start realizing that maybe we need a different guy at the helm. There's a lot of questions a lot of flack back in the day for saying that the Celtics with all of this top picks cap space weren't necessarily in the best position. Because too many decisions with short bench. Roster like the NBA is often very difficult to manage and it's still going to be a tough one. And you know, we're all hoping that does well with this health and everything else like that. But he's got a tough job. It's gonna be a tough question about it is going to be a tough job in a tough off season. But one they were supposed to be prepared for with all the assets they pulled together and for a little more perspective on that. Join us now via the shell Pennzoil performance line is Asia, rod Blakely NBC sports. Boston Suraj been around the team for a long time. And we talk about the kyri dynamic and everything's plan out. I don't wanna put you on the spot necessarily. But I'm going to. How do you see this thing play out the summer for Kerry and the Celtics? I'm glad you phrased the question that way because when you talk about how this is going to play out this summer, I think that's very different than how it would play out. It's had to make a decision white. Now, if you had to make a decision right now, I think most people would agree that he's probably out in Boston. But I think if he's given a number of weeks that think about this season think about his role in the good and the bad that went down and think about all the options that he's gonna have his disposal and how he essentially is going to be starting from scratch if he decided to leave in how challenging that can be and last, but not least there's the money walking away from Boston. You'll leave in a lot of millions and millions of dollars on the table about eighty or so I think ultimately gonna decide to come back to Boston because as much as right now, I think Celtics nation and just their fan base is not all that. It's not feeling I read. I think what everyone has had a chance to look at one. You're not that find anyone similar to him from a talent standpoint. And we all know talent wins championships to he will be again as I said early walkaway from a ton of money. And last time I checked guys who had some type of help related issues when they have a chance to really solidify a max deal. They don't play. Kevin Durant game you play year by year. They get all their money here. You will wind up in Boston. Breaking news here. She rod Blakely believes that kyri will stay in Boston. That's what you really believe. If we're talking about his decisions this summer. Yes. Okay. Because if you had to make that decision. There's no way I will believe state Boston. But give if given the chance to think about this think about the pros and cons of weaving. Stay the ultimately, you're going to stay because I think the are going to outweigh the cons. Wow. All right. We'll let me ask you this. Then if Kyrie's coming back in, you know, all these guys are still going to be there. And this talent glut that they have is going to exist. The way it does do you think that it is reasonable the problems? The Celtics are having like is there an actual argument that what's happened with the way the team was put together was in fact, a legitimate issue that caused there I don't wanna say underachieving, but some people would say that not just in the regular season. But on the playoffs. I'll I'll say they did they undertake irregular Caesar polcy without question ended I of this team from Palestinian point. That was a factor, you know, carriers year kind of lewd to that. When he can come after game five we says, you know, guys had at genders. And and you know, guys, you know, one of the spotlight already had it and things of that nature. So there's a question there was some internal dynamic that factor and all this. But the one is something that I think a lot of people are making. I believe is going to be the case is that if Cari comes back this team is gonna come back as I don't believe. That's the case. I think Danny age if kyri savings coming back he is going to try to put together roster that better balances out this team from the standpoint of we've got guys who have roles they know what those roles are. They're not trying to deviate from those rules. So that's why when you when you see Kyrie Irving come back. They're gonna go chips all in on trying to get Anthony Davis. And if you get Anthony Davis via trade, you're gonna have to give up a number of those assets that you already have in place now. So if you're Abe. Able to pull that deal off. You're going to look for Matt different than you do right now. And I think the Celtics shelter stairs. I think all agreed this team. They can't come back. Look in the way. They did this your other wise, you're gonna get a similar result as raw Blakely from NBC sports Boston. Joining us here on the Mike with Michalis special guest host today Clinton Yates, he can follow Chiran on Twitter at Asia, rod Blakely, let me ask you this from a fan base standpoint. Basically how the season played out do Celtics fans want kyri urban back next season. No, absolutely not right now. And again, I'm keeping I'm trying to keep two different realms of reality in place of now and the future because way that so you re now is very different believe they'll view him in late June early July when it look around and they realize oh crap. We can't go out and get Kimball crap. We're not going to get Kevin Durant. And you go down to lick no litter. Kyrie Irving is probably the best we can do. And that's the only place that you have a legitimate shot and landing right now who's going to be a free agent. And I think again at because of that I think filled expand once we get closer to free agency. I think they will warm up more. So the idea career because no matter what you say about his leadership. Would you say about how he struggled in Milwaukee series? You could have pound for pound his talent ranks up there. Among the best in NBA. And again, I hate it. You know, him his point home. But we've seen it time and time again, you're not winning championship unless you have over. Echelon talent on your washer, and Kyrie Irving is as close as you're going to get to that. And this if you're the Boston Celtics. Wow, Asia, rob Blakely, he sees Cari coming back to Boston given some time to let emotion cool rational thinking being place. But as I said about that money might eighty million dollars. And that's where the rational thinking comes as you can talk about all the other stuff. Oh, eighty million. That's a lot of money for me. Again, follow as raw Blakely on Twitter at ace, raw Blakely, you wanna give us out onto your mom's quick all of this out the conversation. She known a time. Got love for her. There. We go. On the time. Brother specially coming on notice man that a problem of friend eighty Jones here on the Mike again, you can check them out NBC sports, Boston yoke Clinton blew me away. Doug. Take super high ticket. We're gonna hit the Jamaican air horns on that. When I mean, not a lot of people are out there with that. But he's more connected. And I am so he's been around for quite some time. If you're playing certain manner of thinking based on experience, then yeah, I'd say maybe closer to it than a lot of our. But again, we're jacket me Moen earlier as about the the reunion. Lebron James I could see kyri doing that as well. Specif- you can make up eighty million some other capacity linked to LeBron and LA in the whole deal. Listen to on the Mike Michalis ESPN radio the ESPN app. Clinton Yates kicking with me. We're taking to the top. Our we're taking a game seven between the blazers and the nuggets. You're listening on the Mike ESPN radio ESPN app..

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