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Are they think oh he's kind of a buffoon whatever but at least is still basically trying to say the right things and so i don't think will have any and is part of trump's support that that you know that core thirty five percent of the country are strengthened every time the media criticizes and because the last thing they want to do is to give you the satisfaction of having been writing about one of the things we learned about the class structure in this country is that people in over my class where people in the workingclass for people who voted for trump don't mind billionaires they do not mine rich people what they mind our bossi professionals teachers lawyers journalists who seem to want to tell them what to do or seem to want to tell them how to act and if you had to pick the classic capada me of that person who most defense them that would be hillary clinton and so he she was exactly the wrong person and so i find them remarkably stable in their support this been some seepage around the edge for donald trump uh but so far it's just seepage david brooks pleasure have your thank you next on gps henderson island is right in the middle of the south pacific by all rights it should be a paradise instead it said dump liberals find out why when we come back for the nearly seventy years since chinese nationalism barricaded themselves from mazda don's communist revolution china has considered taiwan its territory it does not have diplomatic ties to any country that recognizes taiwan's independence and brings me to my question which country cut ties to taiwan last week to establish diplomatic relations with china panama guatemala nicaragua or honduras stay tuned in we'll tell you the correct answer this week's book of the week is ed loses the route treat of western liberalism this is a sobering analysis that suggests that the open democratic order that has sustained the western world is crumbling the reasons are many from soaring inequality to slowing growth to rising mercantilists powers like china and india loses intelligent throughout and his tone is urgent appropriately so.

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