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They played a couple of matches in europe one in austria against jamaica and the other against northern ireland. You mentioned the goal that christian pulisic scored from the penalty. Spot has only second ever penalty as a professional. But i really found interesting in this international window. How the us. Men's national team at senior level at olympic level. That was disaster. They failed to qualify for the olympics. No longer consideration for khorasan play in that tournament even though he had said he'd probably want to. I'm glad that you cover the chelsea angle. To all this christian pulisic might not have been available to chelsea during the preseason because he kind of indicated that he wanted to play in the olympics it would have been a really huge deal for him. I imagine like as a brand as a you know someone who's gonna make money like being an olympian is a big deal so that is no longer consideration of the u. After the us failed to qualify. But i thought it was interesting. The bond that's forming with his national team. He apparently told the commentary team on fox. That beauce men's national team currently is the closest group that he's ever been a part of and that you would think that there's players from all over the world. There's relatively new than a play together. That often and yet that chemistry is developing and he played on the left side against your make. Thirteen desk at left-back scored an amazing goal in that game but after scoring that goal sergio dust pointed to his wrist and said it's our time and apparently that according to suggest is a conversation that he had with christian pulisic. We're talking you gotta do. It's our time celebration because they're feeling that in that camp that's really cool that christian pulisic goes into international camping kind of comes back a bit more. Buoyant had a really confident display northern ireland. He's in he's probably gonna very good mood. Good way coming back from international and he is healthy which is always a concern with christian. It's always been the concern previously. Why he's been withheld. I expected him to come off at halftime because gregg. Berhalter the manager of the us. Men's seem alluded to the fact that he might come off nope not the case. We played a good amount of that second. Half getting that goal in that second half. I love how he's position as the leader for this men's national team because that's really the role that he takes it chelsea. It's quite a dichotomy between his club. Duty and international duty. He's very much. The leader of the international team is a guy that kind of broke the dam down and all these players started flooding into major clubs christian pulisic alluded to the fact that there's a whatsapp group. That's very supportive line given though celebrations that you just pointed out and just the overall noise desk is coming from barcelona's okay. I love being with this team. I mean he's played with the us at some youth levels. But you just wouldn't. I honestly wouldn't have thought that yunus mussa comes into the. Us set up his super. Gung ho about being an american national team earn jordan cba. Chew as the one time switch playing in switzerland and he. He makes his debut in this camp..

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