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The chooses sponsored by window nation five one window get one free visit window nation dot com your speed and arrive in traffic seven eighteen PM really what's love happy thanksgiving for you you too thank you yeah take a look at skill expressway right now eastbound still slow from two OO to the Gulf mills and then again at four seventy six the blue route they're still clearing up this accident on the shoulder of four seventy six and that's been there for over an hour now so hopefully that'll be out here shortly and still a little bit slow as you make your way down from city Avenue to the Vine Street expressway and then it loosens up on the eastbound Schuylkill expressway but westbound were really good shape earlier delays from the university of the south at dissipated and it's just the a little bit slow as you make your way around the Conshohocken curve still sing a little bit of a delay on the northbound Boulevard this is from seventy six the Wissahickon it's all due to a disabled vehicle in the center lane so watch out for that we were at four seventy six looks good so does the Pennsylvania Turnpike westbound watch out for delays from for Washington the mid county two oh two checks out okay energy and cans and in West Philadelphia Cobbs creek Osage Avenue still close at sixty F. from this morning's Wall collapse the just watch out for that South Jersey roads are in good shape fifty five north a little bit slow in the forty two but two ninety five looks good that is the Atlantic city expressway and mass transit we have no reported delays next updates in less than ten minutes in the K. Y. W. twenty four hour traffic center thank you Pete now the eyewitness weather five day forecast here CBS three media Raleigh just techniques of ana mainly clear cold and still breezy tonight we drop to thirty two degrees by early Friday morning.

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