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Don't forget on spotify apple odyssey move a dozen other platform. Who call your podcast. And i'll i wanna get into football innings big and distillers. They're done still as deputy mistake dishes of has doubled the death. Last year they suitable 'cause he was horrific at the end of the year. You don't say. I'll know what they was thinking but this is what i think about dictated the steelers. Chances have so we'll stay at to go w. scores that happened in the nfl. Carolina beat houston twenty. Four on tennessee. Beat any annapolis. Twenty five sixteen alanna beat the giants. Seventeen forty Everybody dot was replete whereas in the league in turns out it's actually the giants related your edges right now The charges be achieves dirty. Twenty four bagels. Beat pittsburgh twenty four ten Bears got molly watts by the browns twenty. Six six injustice feels his. I star was a disaster. baltimore The saints beat twenty eight to thirteen arizona digestive villain tonight jackson. One game issue of charts a led to of below four and three hundred twenty one and over washington denver. Twenty six over his chance. wilson hamburger too shabby for him. Right now. Any lost thirty one. Twenty eight raiders. Beat down beat the seahawks which coming rams thirty four hundred twenty four years. I think a win that game. Green bay Dirty twenty eight oversampling. Let me talk about that game. Aaron rodgers thirty seven seconds round park your carpet say that you try to his wife of ex wife of seven years that you can get the job done dirty sent his time. Timeouts will you aaron rodgers. fortunately you can't aaron badges. One ables poise quarterbacks. I've ever seen in my life man on the it'll having Like arunas rated he just at that level of not putting a ball. Rogers hands at the game called for the fueled by aaron rodgers has every right on the clearly shows you why. He's a bad quarter. Stevie.

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