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Solution. I think when you know if you've ever watched assignments annette golden circle video he talks about what gets you out of bed in the morning and why should anybody care for entrepreneurs. It's i want all the problem and i'm gonna pour my life into solving that problem annan the money as we'll come by product all right so let's talk about the sixteen year old yeah my sixteen this sixteen year olds. I watch do not say i wanna do that. Therefore i'm going to be here earn a lot of money and then go do it right. What what they say is. I want to do that and how can hack into it yeah. How can i do it with the resources. I currently have and if it's a dollar fifteen. How can i use dollar fifteen to break through the obstacle right. It's not long ago over here in in earn a couple thousand dollars a month and then <hes> bring that over here and then i can spend my money to find this. That's a a huge difference absolutely <hes> certainly more resourceful also in that bloomberg <hes> article and remember the percentage but they said there was a percentage of them felt that they were more resourceful than the previous generation so <hes> yeah i totally agree we'll see and i think the the things that i wanna pick up on in in help is to identify those kids who are otherwise going to be failing because because people tell them you can't do that. That's against the law. You shouldn't be doing that. That's out of the norm but to find that place for them because in a real sense the marvel comics are our models right yeah. It's this whole notion of of <hes> we are. Superman in our own. Way in the world has told us we're not right in the world has told us when we exhibit those you shouldn't do that right in fact there was a movie we saw. What was that the glass if you've seen the nights unions ends glass no not yet. It's it's a trilogy. It starts off with unbreakable then goes to crisis and then goes to glass in the whole point of of of his trilogy is that there are many superman around and that that there is a group of people whose job is to go around to stop them from exhibiting their superhuman allow right wow and and so you just get you know what shem aliens do it to me is just challenging me with that notion and then it's like oh we do that we have. We have institutions that are paid to do. They're called schools. Yes exactly i. It's this whole conflict conformity piece which which begins with. I don't care hear what you want. This is what you have to do yeah and and what i see in the sixteen years old sixteen year olds is they don't believe i believe that anymore got right. I one hundred percent. I want that. I'm going to go get it yep. I may not have any money but i don't need money. I might need people. I might need resources but a lot of it is just confidence and commitment. Yeah and i can get it yeah <hes>. There's there's <hes> i'm also. I like to think too that <hes> there's books and things of that nature that day should be also subscribing to so. I think that's a resourceful standpoint today. They've got youtube. They've got audible. They've got blinking. They've got a number of those types of resources but you just reminded me of a book that i read the other day that i love and i haven't written it. I read haven't i haven't read it in ten years but it was called the dream giver talked about a guy named ordinary that was sitting on a couch that one day he woke had a dream and he started pursuing it and people all the naysayers acer's family friends everybody else we're telling him. No you can't do that and then he didn't listen to continue to go on so those are the types of things that i think when we look at resources <hes> <hes> we shouldn't put on the shelf. I think you pun intended but i think book reading and reading is something that if i was to encourage a young entrepreneur of hey i know it at school may not necessarily fit within your <hes> landscape of what's working for us and individual but never give up reading never give up improving yourself never give up finding new ways to add value in a lot of those new ways to add value often times come from reading books or in this case today landscape listening to them or to the challenge for you and me is to write those books. That's fun right yeah and that that's that that's basically what what dan sullivan did to me. First conversation with him was <hes>. I i said to him. You know i'm i'm <hes> he you know. I'm in a program to ten times what i'm doing in that could be anywhere anywhere from ten o'clock in influenced annexing <hes> product taxing revenue. It's it's dream big and so i said the dan i sedan <hes> you know ten x. I'm seventy two in <hes> what i need to ten x anything for i mean i'm living living the life. That's very nice very comfortable. Why don't you text anything and he said well. What do you expect to be doing and i said well you know next three to five years self. I worked with fifty different companies and help him with entrepreneur operating system and make you help them transform their business. Make it better you said oh. You have a five year program. I said one ever thought about that way and he said so. You're seventy two. I said yeah he said i'm seventy four and i have the first of two more twenty five year projects six. So what is your twenty five year project. While are you asking me that you right wow and that was like a two you buy four to my forehead which generally changed my life for sure right yeah because now i'm in pursuit of defining what that twenty five years is. What is it. What's what what kind of what kind of commitment do. I have to what kind of contribution to the world twenty five years. What's a legacy going to be right. Well you talk about legacy but it's legacy is something that you look at after it's done. I'm looking at the fun of getting there and all of a sudden. <hes> you know good. Health is not something just to make feel better tomorrow. It's be ready for twenty five years in <hes> that that's where dave is dave asprey. Who's one of dan's students and bulletproof. Coffee makes a huge amount of sense. Yeah i it it. It's it's also you know. Exercise exercise is not something just so. I can sleep better tonight. It's to prepare my body for this next twenty five years and beyond and and then the imagination is freed up up right because when when you think about twenty five years in ninety ninety day quarterly steps right right yup. Do you know how many that is. That's one hundred that's one hundred quarters yup and that means that you only have have to progress one percent a quarter to get to the twenty five year goal. That's awesome. Isn't that something that's i'm. The wheels are turning. Ah change. The perception changes the whole world about how we do it all right now. It's like oh. I don't have to get that done tomorrow. Yeah and it's not procrastination. It's there's no pressure. Yep i can wait until i find the right people yeah and then we can talk very well and it's looking at how we're going to make significant changes in in listening driving over here today to intervene gene jane. Do you know being being. I need a client all right excellent well viacom right all right so donovan jane and i i haven't met him personally but it's through peter de amandus up in santa monica who is one of dan's dan's up of students and <hes> and dave asprey and and so i was listening to navene new podcast called moon shots and he's he's speaking. He's got on his moonshot. He's got his coach ted for twenty years and this is talking about the changes that people can make in the world and he's talking about identifying a thousand of the best people the most equipped young people putting them together so that they can change the world awesome so it's not it's not for me. It's not a matter of what's my legacy going to be. I don't really care about my legacy. What i care about is what is going to fuel me for the next twenty five years. What's going to get you out of bed in the morning yeah even though i'm i'm getting a four eight hours of sleep at night you go. I need to be getting full eight hours. I need to get back to that so tell me what are you excited about for the next six months jeez <hes> well i think in my landscape from an agency standpoint amazon's new you know <hes> what they call o._t._t. Over the top <hes> television mindset advertising is extremely extremely relevant if you look at you know <hes> cord nevers and cord cutters to be able to advertise them especially with the audiences that we've been talking about this is a this is a phenomenal wave for brands to get back to being top of mind <hes> and the cool part about that with regard to amazon is you can <hes> from a targeting standpoint begin to identify lifestyles instead of just painting a big broad-brush and putting on every television for every show and things of that nature <hes> can get really granular and refined in hyper targeted so that it's extremely relevant which improves they are experienced by the way with your ad and putting your brand top of mind but then the fun side of it on the backside is if we could actually look to see how well it performed and that's something relatively new right in a digital mindset. That's number one. I think we are about to launch our own kind of deals and review site ourselves called price breaks dot com that is really exciting. <hes> in the mindset that we want to be a one-stop destination for the everyday shopper take the best deals but also reviews. I saw gap again. I saw something missing in the third party. Editorial review landscape as well as within the deal site kind of deal promotor type landscape and kinda wanna marry those two together so that's pretty exciting <hes> and then <hes> for me i think tying it all together with software that brings in all those data points to be able to help a brand understand what the landscape looks like of whether they're advertising's working or whether they're growing organically is their brand reach growing <hes> all of that those are the three things that for me are the most exciting in the next six months <hes> talk to me about <hes> <hes> about the philosophy of advertising <hes> those were the fella yesterday <hes> the and he was he's a good friend and he was he's talking about moving business forward enlarging his business and he was talking about the process because while i was asking about his process and so he's beginning to think about a put together and said well of course here is where i would tell them about what i do in for him. It was way up front <hes> and and what i begin to hear from him was what that advertising for him meant telling them what i can do. Sure what i said to him. Was that's going to get in. The way of a sale will sure right. What you really want to know is what are the issues that they have now. It might be that you can help them. Articulate those issues by by the quality of the questions that you ask but i have to find out what problems they have yep right and what they they what they might want to solve if they believe that was possible yeah and and for me <hes> my my sense in in businesses businesses that most people most people who have not bought from me don't know that it's possible to solve the problems that they have. I i mean they've they've. Maybe they've gone through enough solutions or programs that didn't work to kind of anesthetize them or to inoculate them so it's like well. I don't work in so helping them to articulate their own issues way before for i even begin to suggest these are ways. It could be could be solved now. Is it possible that advertised that there could be advertising agencies like that. I like the mindset of going back to that simonson at golden circle video in his book start with the why right if you start with they mess marketing message and or an advertising message that helps explain to an audience why and for us in that landscape. It's what's the problem that we're going to help you solve. That's a much more powerful awful message than the up front loading them with a what this is what i do right if they don't understand why they need what he does..

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