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Senate, Davis junior we. Love you we. Have issues Gotham is going off the air. Next year I didn't even know that show is still on FOX renewed season five of the, Batman prequel but it came with. The downside, they said we're going to renew your for another season and it'll be your last Good way to do it though least you know yeah and you still. Have time to. Carpet diem with your cast you know how full house ended after they shot. Their last episode they were notified and guess what oh that's. Terrible Michelle. Had, fallen. Off of, a, horse developed amnesia. Michelle just got. Her memory back at the end of the. Episode gone by no more answers no more questions we'd go by by s- transparent with Jeffrey, tambor following the sexual misconduct scandal. This is, gonna end with one final season without tambor's character Maura pfefferman oh okay Broad city have you, watched broad. City, indeed Bye bye Oh it's gonna end early. Next year I think, those girls those women are going to be. Movie. Star Ilana Glazer and Abby Jacobson they. Already have three new projects in development yeah they're really funny writers the unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt with. Ellie Kemper this is Tina Fey produced show? Sort of, her follow up to thirty rock in some ways it's on net flicks EMMY buzzed isn't it I mean it did the released the first half of, season four on net. Flicks, the second half of season four. Up on breakable Schnell, come January twenty nineteen and then it's gone You know I it kind of. Lost its does unreal Yeah me. Too and, then I, was like okay I get. It I get Yeah, after the Pinot. Noir song You know we have a producer on the TV show on. Twincities live who is. Kimmy Schmidt she is. Kimmy, Schmidt her. Name is. Brittany yeah. She's. Great she's tall she's skewed yes answers the world, and, each day with wide eyed. Enthusiasm and I'm a positive guy she doesn't have. A cynical bone in, her body she is just. Really you know what to do it reminds me of the the whole Kimmy Schmidt thing reminds me of sue Hecht on who's getting her own show. By, the way from the middle.

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