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You the best book is available this week coming up at just after quarter to the hour before we are able to mike graham at ted fascinating story that's emerged that britain's leading private schools have refused to allow their pupils to be guinea pigs for this summer's tough new he's now more than five hundred thousand state school peep has been doing an all during the new tougher gps's which the schools minister nick gabe has said are more rigorous by teachers have been warning that lot state people's could end up with worse exam results would shut them out from getting the top grades and getting into top universities because these gps's also much tougher and much more difficult to prepare for because they haven't got paul's papers to look out for instance but the top's thirty private schools in the country including each and college in winchester of all of those only one is exclusively doing the same gcc's which state schools are taking the rest or taking the international gcc widely seen as an easy attest to how is this happening and how unfair is this sean griffis is on the line she's education editor at the sunday times and joins us good morning to sean morning julia now i'm right in thinking that for many years private schools the top prep schools they actually shunned the orgy searcy because it the tv's in that she put their kids in for international disease because they were considered to be more rigorous in a better wreck i highly recognize exam but the new is more rigorous than that one and so it's almost like the tables are turned well that's certainly what the private schools are arguing today and this week that the international jesus he's very hard and they were harder than the ogsm and you know they all good and fair and accurate assessment of children's ability naked they saying the schools minister is that the new tougher jesus he's a harder and i mean if you look at various obvious measures the international gps which the private schools are have stuck with it's a twenty five year olds exam has coursework and of course because being widely criticized because you can take it home you know there have been allegations that people have helped children complete it was the new says he doesn't have any coursework you just examined on a kind of final exam at the end of two levels like high to exactly like oh school o levels and also of course during no very few pass papers there are no past papers for these new jesus he's so you know over twenty five years of a new philosophy past papers have built teachers are very used to teaching the international gts's plenty of ways of looking back and seeing what kind of questions was set in the past but there's nothing there's nothing unfair about all the people who are going to face difficulties and maybe not get straight as they thought they were gonna get well that's kind of the point of the tougher exams and everyone isn't going to be getting straight as but they're all in the same way but of course they going.

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