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Hugely entrusting magazine all of ivy voted white warned looking subject of food i'm trying to think of mls magazine would be or something i should be able to sink or something bonaly are looks loose get through so many back as a lap yes in up smith japan smith channel okay good choice which is an australian magazine which again is so well with so beautifully designed just you'd never you never for me it's something that as a simple new sort of came to the diesel insulate shortening night and utterly poeple he knows a quarter of what i should do still more of what i did with that magazine i not just of the content of it is fascinating now now already enjoy since generals on yet i can't find the hair but when i get it must really go ahead of a of lucky in that there's a couple of on number braced newsagents that's now when every chance really naturally it's always if if of bobble can post is what the d to just sit on unification clear a it's just very very good at at a one of those things went over supports that wasn't something dude what they do the nascar point well yeah the sums up uh this at beside thanks again philip for taking the time at explaining the right general to listeners a me at least have ever i'm foolishness m a things we talked about will be on the show nights at mikey urged on net um and the house yes cnc icy i've it just by.

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