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And please let them know john mccoll ascension now on time traffic and weather on the patriot mound road between twenty three mile and 24 mile is closed due to an accident napier row between nine mile and ten mile closed due to an accident i 75 northbound addicts an accident involving a jackknifed semi the right lane is blocked i to 75 northbound at seven mile acts that on the left shoulder slowing from an fourteen the jeffries i ninety six i six ninety six westbound the drake acts that left shoulder ninety six westbound a wixom road acts that right shoulder and hindes dr closed due to flooding between outer drive in ann arbor trail some heavy traffic still on i 75 southbound between fourteen mile and eleven mile and ninety four eastbound between harper and makombe county and mvp nine heavy as well your weather forecast tonight snow before seven p m than a chance of snow after seven a low around fourteen tuesday mostly cloudy a high near twenty and tuesday night mostly cloudy low around ten right now twenty one degrees i'm kevin sanders another patriot fm one on one point five and am fourteen hunt i'm touch up and with food for the poor on a recent trip to haiti i met marais enter nine kids this beautiful family is trapped in an isolated poor village with very little food no clean water deplorable housing and very few opportunities for work as i looked into their eyes i saw the vacant stare of people who are on the verge of giving up the bible says the hope deferred mix the heart sick but it also promises that blessed are the feet of those who bring good news as we start a new year i want to invite you to join with food for the poor in bringing good news to the poor the sick homeless and some of the poorest countries in the world.

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