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So you couple that with a pretty strong Brown's offensive line. That'll probably do a decent job against the Panthers pass rush and on paper. This looks like a not so good match for the Panthers. Yeah. The browser kind of good at will wear bad at you know, defending like we talked about the buccaneers last week. Like David joke. Who's also he hasn't been super involved last couple of weeks, but he's very athletic. Big play. You know, capable tight end even on short passes and stuff like that. And we're not gonna covering tight ends either. And then Calloway's big play threat. And we've been like I said we've been like horrific defending deep passes. So that they have a lot of they have the tools to exploit what we're what we're bad at which is a lot of things right now. But but yeah, the defense I will say this the defense did look a little bit better last week. They did stop run quite a bit. Nick Chubb is going to be a big part of their offense. I would imagine they're going to come out with a better passing game plan. Now that Ron Rivera the one thing I didn't I forgot to mention this earlier. But Eric Reed said this he heard a play called during the game that they hadn't practiced. He knew that something was going on with the defensive play calling. So it sounds like Ron Rivera almost took over a little bit earlier than like he wanted to. So maybe and this is maybe more of an optimistic take for the defense. But maybe now that they have a week of knowing. Okay. Ron Rivera is going to be involved. They've game planned a little bit for that. And had him had his hands in there more. Maybe they'll have a better game plan involved for stuff like that. So that's one thing that I'm kind of hoping to see is like maybe an improvement on this defensive performance had against the buccaneers. Because despite everything that happened. I don't believe the Panthers defense lost that game because they pant. The Panthers offense gave the ball away. Too much. I'm just wasn't affected. So on it. I want to read more about that him saying we call it a play the we haven't practice sets a little odd. He didn't say we practicing. He said it wasn't a game plan. Yeah. You said it wasn't the game plan and say that's where having an experienced defensive coordinator comes into your benefit because Washington's not experienced enough to know. Hey, the what we're doing isn't working. Let's change the game plan and do something else. And you know, this this right here worked five years ago. The last time we played Tampa in Tampa in this situation. So why don't we do that? And or you know, this this is been known to to rattle. Jameis Winston things like that. Then only experience content you, and it's not Washington's fault is just you know, he's he's inexperienced. Yeah. That's so it's like Ron Rivera just kinda took over in the middle like our air. Let me let me let me. This. I mean, the defense did play better in the second half. Yeah. A lot of people is it's a split issue. But you know, if Cam Newton didn't have the worst game he's had in probably four or five years minimum. You know, we've probably win that game. Like Cam is pretty much. The reason we did not just to give you the quote that in the offense lineman. The offense of line didn't give him much to work with Cam throwing four interceptions. That's pretty much all does take some of the blame for two of those because he had hit his through. I don't know where what all of them would have been anyway because they look like they're going to be tough throws, even if he didn't get hit. But anytime you let your quarterback a hit as he releases. You're leaving yourself open for the past going to the wrong team before we didn't want to derail this too much. But I just found the quote, it was for max Henson. Eric Reid's Senate was clear Rivera was calling planes last week..

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