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And fifty six uptown bank of america's profits rose to a record six point nine billion last quarter thanks in part to the new tax law ir interest rates and caroline hudson of the charlotte business journal says she's beginning to believe that the avi exacts are really believers mantra of responsible growth and they repeat it over and over again but really i think it's something that they take a heart federal judge rejecting a request from president trump today and his personal attorney michael cohen for temporary restraining order that would have blocked federal prosecutors from reading files seized in that raid last week they said a government tank team can weed out privileged documents though the judge left open the possibility of a role for an independent third party at a later time in the interest of the perception of fairness among those in court today stormy daniels and after court she made a little bit of a statement outside mr cohen has acted like he is above the law he is considered himself an openly referred to himself as mr trump's fixer he's played by a different set of rules or should we say no rules at all he has never thought that the little man or especially women and even more women like me mattered that ends now my attorney and i are committed to making sure that everyone finds out the truth and the facts of what happened and i give my word that we will not rest until that happens thank you very much does religion splashed her way through icy rain and near gala headwind to win the boston marathon today the first woman to american woman to win that race since nineteen eighty five and yuki noguchi won the men's race in an unofficial two hours fifteen minutes and fifty eight seconds and earned japan's first boston marathon title since nineteen eightyseven federal drug overdoses are increasing organ donations and new research says people who received those transplants generally fair as well as patients given oregon's from more traditional donors researchers from johns hopkins report those transplants of jumped nearly twenty four fold since two thousand to thirty five hundred transplants in two thousand.

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