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And it's a ritual cast which included Yvonne as the nuclear families, vampire matriarch, and Fred Gwynne as her Frankenstein 's husband became synonymous with their characters fitting considering where Yvonne got her start. The munsters was intentionally modeled after Universal's monster movies of the nineteen thirties which had become Staples of late night TV. But otherwise, the show was basically a spoof on nineteen fifties sitcoms with a few occasional reminders that most of its protagonists were. Dead in this clip, Yvonne's lily confesses to her niece a disturbing secret. She's discovered about her husband. It's a disaster. What's wrong lily? We'll be disgraced ruined wiped off the face of the. Your Herman is overdrawn at the Bank and co hermit. I can't believe it down through history. There's only happened once before in our family when grandpa overdue account at the blood Bank. Uncle say anything about this. No. He's too proud. Why if he found out that we knew he was broke? He never be able to look himself in the face again. Maybe crime could help us out. He's very well off. He was he was, but you know, the expression you can't take it with you. Well grandpa did. Universal produced seventy episodes of the munsters over two seasons, and then canceled the show when ratings dropped against its new competitor Batman, but the sitcom which became a phenomenon in syndication revitalized Yvonne's career and led to new opportunities in straight horror from the power in nineteen sixty eight to eighty schlock like vultures and play dead and in between came career highlight that looks like an outlier amongst the rest of the car those work. But in hindsight is not just the kind of thing that she was preparing for from the beginning. But was clearly tailored specifically for her. Here is Yvonne decarlo in nineteen Eighty-four talking about her triumph of a better decade and a half earlier. I finally made it to Broadway in a brand new sparkling musical cold follies. It was produced by that prince of Othello herald prince and choreographed by Michael Bennett, the genius, of course, line and music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, the fabulous even sometime I played the part of a former wealthy movie star called Carlotta campy on. And I'm honored to say that Stephen Sondheim wrote a song for me or rather for Carlotta was a volleys girl class of forty six. And since I'm still here. I would like to see it for you. Times times I've seen them all in my. Sometimes sometimes just pretzels Yvonne decarlo was still here until two thousand seven when she died at the age of eighty four. Next week. We will conclude this miniseries with the tail of another exotic beauty whose brief encounter with Howard Hughes would for better or for worse. Become part of her legacy. Join us then won't you? In Dante's bucks. The nine was. Hey, I'm here. On red lines. Freshen was I. Thanks for listening to you must remember. This. Today's episode was written narrated and produced by Corrine along that's me. Our editor is alluvia. Now, our research and production assistant is Lindsay d shown

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