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Go to miss Gloria might fellow good grief okay we'll just hold it like this okay good morning miss Gloria you are in the garden morning ten of them valued at how are you great miss Gloria we missed you last week yeah of course we widen here on now and I was all ready to give you the new well we thought about you guys but we had some for to do allow plans and we just heard that we could make it happen but did you all have a great amber amber great for yeah it always is this one of those days where you know you eat too much you got the pool right there you know it was really is always a good day yes ma'am okay well I haven't I didn't even go outside on the fourth and it was it was a well you know what it was hot it was actually not too bad of a day but it was still hot into me you know we had a lot of kids around this time also you know which makes it really fine if you think about it so it was a good day thank you miss Korea all high well what is quite a lot going on today yeah okay that bodes Hanak there happened about Pam herb garden door okay and if you want is nine thirty to ten thirty and you what do you wanna go you meet them in the herb garden I don't know they even had an herb garden tour going on at the botanic gardens they do and they're doing a lot of stuff about Dan again I can go and it really makes me mad it is nine thirty to ten thirty this morning right okay right and then it Palladio was now being making hard skate great okay in two our love it okay at ten thirty and that's with Bernard meat and he has done so a lot of work I guess around it and he's done some work at both tannaim and that'd be interesting job and then starts at ten thirty this morning okay and then at urban earth a doctor AT flicker streak were having crepe myrtles pass rob bloom and trimming and that's what brat Norman and that's good because that that one yeah because we're seein it seems like in the last ten days have seen a guy and up to date I in the amount of people that are coming in complaining about crepe myrtle bark scale so yes ma'am you know it just seems like you know what it is for years and years for the last five or six years now we've had this problem with crepe myrtles on in just in the last couple weeks miss Korea while we're getting quiet a few people coming and going that there see and scale come back on the crate Morrow so you're right that's something to be aware odds okay and then on Monday German town library at six thirty PM as I love the I love the stock it's my shelves short and she will have a talk on queen bees and wannabes green beans and Lima beans Warren not be one W. A. N. N. A. B. E. I want to be queen bees and wannabes I love the name yeah okay and if they want to go to this talk they need to call seven five seven seven three three to read just yeah I know this is going to sound crazy and I should know this but we are is the Germantown library all gas heat is it just one concert just weren't right yeah yeah where is it all one big okay really bad I can look that up okay I don't even know where that is then tomato library okay I can tell you how to get it out not a problem there okay okay and then on Thursday our expansion office is having designing a perennial border with Jo Ellan diamonds from twelve to one twelve to one her name was Joanne I wonder she local like yes now he's up in Covington okay she moves around a lot okay okay but usually when I go out to give our flyers and stop I always find errors extension office in Covington right that's per line okay move since then well you know I can there is a lot going on ms Gloria Jesus you know and they say you know it during the dog days of summer people supposed to slow down what that ain't happenin yeah I was really hoping that Jim would be on the show today because I had some great news to tell all of you you know how every year how much problems I have with my four o'clock yeah and how my hot pink ones don't Williams yes yes what they're blaming and it isn't even a are you know they do that just to keep you from pulling those things up and throw them in the you know them well but I'm but my point I remember years ago how they just would not bloom for anything and then you get to the point you said okay you know what three years that's my point you finally get to a point you're like okay I'm a pull these things up only the compost pile and just put something else there and of course this is they hear you say that these were they start blaming yeah they do they said on the radio that made him happy exactly what where was or what was urban ares speaking on don't want to convert all yeah well that's what I wrote it has little problems and pruning one o'clock where dreaming yeah one but I mean I I'm just so happy and you know how Jim told me to just give up on him yeah that's definitely yeah I always see GMA personal tax to let him know exactly what you said ms Gloria now I'm going to send them the well it's even bad or you know his birthday was a blast no I did not know that he's thirty three years old now really get out of the story that's amazing yeah how can Tom Flatley radio Crowder you'll thank me for that later on yeah he way all well Gloria we love you to death started we really do we sorry we missed you last weekend and I'm telling you we sure appreciate you and they just write all this down as we speak are keeping us informed and the public out there also informed we could do it without you Gloria okay were you both have a have a great weekend you watched as this state yes ma'am you too thank you high grade yes ma'am tell Jack was it had okay yes ma'am Barbara I have a good day ms Gloria let's see I think we'll wait go to break and then we'll get to you Mister Paul it is this you I see Mr apologises shade tree mechanics over what that means well I know that what that means a mechanic that just pedals around under the shade go to a mechanic hello but I'm sure that this is going to be different are not what you're saying though say tree gardeners maybe a guy and I because it is good to Shay is good to work in the shade this time of year yeah yeah that's it that's it we always try to guess what Mister Paul's got with shade tree mechanic okay so what if you decided not to go to the garden center where everybody chemicals or synthetics what and if you decided not to buy any organic products what are you gonna do what what do you do what do you mean like if you had an insect problem we're talking about well you would get the ball out in port on the slugs right right yeah yeah aspirin it dissolves in water and fights mildew in blackspot did not know that so just go you cannot get some aspirin Hey you know about the task our baking soda baking soda this last potassium by car yeah some of that right right yeah it prevents the fungus spores from invading the plant and so we have vacant so so you're going to the kitchen pantry is what yeah I am baking soda and aspirin so far now there's one I don't really see as being in your house which would be the corn gluten mail you know which is a pre emergent but then I guess if you have animals okay cinnamon powder anti fungal and anti aunt you don't have heard of that they enable that having a a problem especially on the inside of their home like if you got him on your kitchen counter yeah our people putting out soon because I will one time I went to my mother's house yeah and asked her what was this her counter and I promise you she had sentiment long box all over the camera said wanna write it because it's an aunt repellent so she knew it wow okay so this one I'm not so sure about and not quite getting it what I do with this fermented salmon no we're not going there the raw they get separate retails dear chip monks other critters handed ads you know the micro nutrients the amino acids and vitamins but I remember my dad would make fermented ground beef and and put in the trash cans because the dogs would come from wherever and just raise your trash cans and that was a horrible so I can imagine using fermented salmon who I like this one the the molasses okay I do a lot of molasses and blackstrap or horticultural grade and down it would be good as a fertilizer right yeah it helps bump up the micro microbial action and it because it's feeding beneficial insects and all said the molasses attracts harmful insects to traps I can't this yeah rubbing alcohol destroys insects you know light on house plants we would pick you tips and alcohol and then hit the animal the mealy bugs mostly with the clean up of the alcohol dipped Q. tip like you said yeah a vegetable or mineral old destroys insect pets and can be used for a physical barrier what else there's a line there thank goodness yeah vinegar of course we talk about Villiger weeds yeah and fights fungus gnats kills weeds and destroys pets path met the boys at past that's why we're using organic is to keep our pets boric acid I wonder if people have that in stock in their hillside great for ants yeah yeah absolutely one answer there was another one for ants to it seem like as I was thinking of you Heine I mean honey yeah hello Hey honey yeah that still during its two but remember the and all the sleazy to say member Jerry Baker Jim Bakker Jerry Baker on you know he'd probably made a billion dollars all writing books about how to control insects and disease and how to feed your lawn and everything else.

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