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And that was that we could never accept the status quo that every year we would make this better than it was last year and and in, you know, it gets tougher every year as you know, only too well, but you know, you keep trying to make it better. But yeah, I remember those early those early days. I mean, it was like I was like, it's like, Mike, you a lot of days like, hey, let's see if he'll eat it because if he eats it, then maybe we'll try it and it's always a rough beginning in and you know, year one, we went out and we had a pretty successful year and we had a great chance. Pierre one hundred million and there was a playoff with Jay Williamson who now lives out Saint Louis, and he's continued to be a good friend in in. And we said, well, you know what? Maybe there's something here. So every year we tried to make it better and more interesting and get better players and work to make it a better experience for everybody involved. But those are the early days. But like really days we're pretty pretty gloomy. I mean, they're pretty stressed filled because here we are as a title sponsor of this event. PJ tour. Nobody wants it to sell and Andy's like carrying the ball along with Jay Fishman. Jay was with me every inch of the way in our team, her travelers. But whereas some of those days of scary days, some days you'd get up and say on man, at least be so kid so many elements to it county fair. But, but but even bigger about making sure that you have the players best food, the best acuity the you name it. And you know all that is well, but, but that's what the early days. But like. Well, you know the people around the country that that might listen to this. You get, they don't have any idea how big the tournament is how big it's become and what it means to to Connecticut, you know, and not just the, excuse me, the Hartford region, but the entire state of Connecticut is becoming. Is a beneficiary and enter part of that. Like you. You said is the way the tournaments been run the the, the crowds, there was a there was a time before excuse me before you got involved where the crowds were so fanatical. And that not to the level that they are today. Terms of numbers, but it's and the courses. So small, the everything was small about it was cramped that when I was playing in new programs, a lot of the names, you know was Greg Norman, Fillon Mickelson, you know, all those guys that used to play here on a regular basis. They, they felt like John Daly, confined. They're like, I, I don't know, you know, like it it, it became overwhelming and and we lost. We lost a lot of really, really good players there for a stretch. And now you in the last four or five years, you've gotten him back. And then some this year we had one of the best fields in in the entire in the entire summer swing. How did that come about and tell people how how hard it is to get people to come to to a PGA event to come to your event? It's not automatic that they have to play in every event. No, not at all..

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