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This is npr news six fifty one and just ahead of the california report joe mcconnell's got more about traffic today latest problem on the peninsula onto eighty southbound two eighty north of woodside every port of a collision although said it'd be a couple of miles woodside and eight eighty southbound in hayward a fremont north of stevenson a crash reported here on the shoulder slow traffic from san leandro through hayward down to that spot already and behind that on eight eighty south at ninety eighth avenue some garbage garbage bags in the left lane eighty westbound willow collision there looks like it's over to the shoulder minor crash but slow west of there down through pinola and berkeley joe mcconnell for k acuity thank you joe his report brought to you by bay alarm the time is six fifty one from collects echo this is the california report good morning to you jon sepulveda's well after a very public political back and forth between governor jerry brown and president trump california guard personnel were deployed to the border yesterday here in imperial county some fifty three guard members showed up at an event in central where they were paraded in front of cameras during the press conference now all high on optics pr rollout was low on actual information including exactly why the guard personnel are needed especially considering they will not be in the field or carrying weapons but instead working from desks says al central border patrol chief gloria chevenez they will be working cameras they'll be working in offices they'll be conducting intelligence analysis they're going to be also helping us with road infrastructure with regards to vegetation wrote clearing and such but it's never going to be a front line border security assignment or task their job is going to be behind the scenes providing us the critical support that today border patrol agents do where i need my border patrol agents is on.

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