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Is it is good I just I don't usually elucidated less I have students I imagine smoking weed and then you see a massive tiger officers tranquilized the female tiger in transported it to the city's animal shelter where she's staying overnight in a cage inside a horse trailer under round the clock surveillance this is what the act that animal control said we deal with for the most part puppies and kittens very very rarely do we take in a tiger the testers went to the house when they found the one thousand one hundred pound animal we we question them as to why you're waiting how much of the tiger way one thousand and one hundred pounds that's a big Kitty it was being kept in a cage that was not large or sturdy enough for its size with sound awfully large with several packages of meat nearby these are the tiger which they're calling Danielle seems fairly healthy albeit a bit thirsty next woman accidentally rights twenty one thousand dollar check man thanks lord and deposits money this is out of Utah hurricane Utah they arrested a sixty seven year old handyman Friday morning after he deposited a cheque accidentally ran for twenty one thousand dollars into his account so the woman asked him to do a job for her a concrete job in her yard and stated that it would cost to four thousand two hundred dollars but he needed twenty one hundred to purchase such a down payment she has taken the road twenty one thousand dollars and the guy deposited into his account and now how he begs the question what would you have done what did he say what did the guy say it doesn't say it just says that you deposit the check the story I read said that he he said thank you god which is exactly what I what I said I was just gonna say how yeah are you sure that's what he said or is that yes he did that I I just got eyes I wrote a different version than you did grace I was going to tell you that you know I know you give me a lot of grief you know that the app people think that I'm not a religious person but people and people in my generation grace we're we're very spiritual and it's it's four percent of the free money with we thank the lord so this guy is my H. you know that's that's that's what our generation does yeah now it's not the greatest generation but okay generation each group the stickiest fingered generation upset about no guest role Pahokee man pours gasoline threatens to kill family now upset that an older relative wouldn't let him have anyone over to their home Kevin does you want to head over to the whole overturned do Kevin Mendoza reportedly grabbed a container of gasoline he was leaving a trail of gasoline in the kitchen and the living room and the hallway when a relative pleaded with him to stop he poured it on the family member to does his relatives told investigators are we planning to set the house on fire but there when the forty fifth when the family multilateral damage im service for the relatives said that he was making lunch and noticed that there was a female in Mendoza is a bad run the relative insisted that the female leave saying no one could have guessed in the home this is the part I like from the Palm Beach post the reports not specify why the relative did not want guests in the house but the corona virus pandemic has prompted authorities across the globe to encourage families to stay home and avoid unnecessary socializing you think how many does that came upset and yelled at the relative in English the relative didn't understand everything he said but couldn't make out enough to know he was screaming expletives and threatening to quote kill you all and that Mendoza stepped out into the backyard grab the container of gasoline heat imported throughout the house and on the relative Mendoza's cousins intervened and told him to stop prompting him to run from the home it should be noted normally I I I don't bring up people's pasts when I'm talking about their current police spotters but this one was too good not to bring up Mendoza in twenty eighteen was accused of crashing a baby shower into hokey and bragging about reportedly still stealing a car with someone at the party confronted him he reportedly fired three shots at the man because the end of the year if you think you have a crazy cousin you ain't got nothin on Mendoza okay I'll bet he's been known to wear a mask on occasion by the way guys this segment as always it's a fan favorite but it would not be possible without PNC does the baking company celebrating over one hundred years of baking excellence since nineteen sixteen this is the perfect time to try P. answers the bread because everyone's making stews making meatballs Macon subs and grinders you need delicious bread to go with it check out pants Josie when you're a local market all right we'll be right back you've been hearing me talk about super beach for a while now and I'm sure some of you are still thinking why super beats you can take it from me the benefits of super beats are incredible I'm holding up the jar right here it's great I have some in the morning when I wake up before I even have my first Cup of coffee and I have some before the show starts to give me a boost of energy it's a great way to stay healthy yeah yeah how he I don't interrupt you here but I have to tell you McKay who's our own Florida man who works for us send me so many Florida man police blotter faxes that I'm gonna go take a little super beats to get through it because it's a these are some crazy stories I got another job super beats yesterday so I'm given McKay this this jar what's left in it tonight that's your reward for getting all the Florida man stories for grace if that doesn't convince you can talk about the science behind super beats beats have nitrates nitrates support better blood flow better blood flow equals better energy and efficiency throughout the body and even supports healthy.

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