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The next aircraftleasing up rivalling singapore an island reserved salama bloomberg daybreak asia homegrown noted currencies china currency has had quite a positive run over the past few months is bloomberg's randy inocencio reports investors could be in for roller coaster ride over the coming months the un has strengthened more than one and a half percent in just the past three months partly on speculation of state intervention in the runup to president xi jinping's visit to hong kong this puts the currency on contract for its best quarter since twenty ten still some think the un is destined for weakness joe how a senior economist at commerzbank says un will likely slipped four point seven percent before january the pessimism among investors set the stage for tugofwar between young bears and china's government is the pboc tries to protect against downside risk ahead of the communist party congress this fall remy and asencio bloomberg daybreak asia all right it's time to get to the news six and a half minutes after the hour ed baxter joins us from bloomberg nine six the newsroom you've been featuring this warning the softer side of president xi jinping and that that's what he featured on day one day to is coming today at the reassurance saying hong kong as always been in my heart brian he says the central government will always support hong what has he says the show the central government backing to hong kong central government providing a strong backing over the past twenty years and so it will in the future me what he will visit military garrison on new territory today bloomberg steven angle is on scene and he's waiting for the president i'm looking in front of me up how easily three hundred armored personnel carriers and various other military crap from helicoptered anthem aircraft he paying we'll be here later this morning that he'll or in hongkong are merely symbolic or ego combat ready.

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