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Do you anticipate baskin injustice in order to be together i believe they will not be together i feel like justin selena play this game sort of where they go back and forth with these other dailies is i don't think it's that serious though justin and patrick schwarzenegger are to play devil's advocate are very close and so this isn't some girl out of nowhere it's his good fred's curl friends sister can't believe i'm taking anything about the antics of this crew with the seriousness but you know what i mean i it's not you have to be a little careful i hate to think that baskin is just another bikini clad pawn in justin bieber's love chess game or whatever it is baskin beaver does a nice ring to it basket bieber's great sounds like a i don't know basket with anything sounds great her name's baskin champion okay my my last question on this topic i could talk forever clearly agean that you're their parents and one dating patrick schwarzenegger and one daughter's dating justin bieber who are you more nervous about and just so i'm clear on this is patrick schwarzenegger the the man behind flame pizza yes that's a startup so yeah he's he's a aspiring business owner slash she is a business owner i guess i would sit back in my chair and just say like my work here is that right it's pretty incredible now to have one daughter dating justin bieber and one daughter dating arnold side right this gene austin would have been writing about where she here today like how to marry your sons or daughters off the modern day you know okay wait here's my real prediction i feel if oh my god julie i knew it i knew i had i knew i had an alliance with her the brothers abe is josh champion that's why you're so spiritual spiritually connected here well that's wild i just found that out as i was looking through the instagram's my.

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