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Known for these types of games this is the comedy has brought that brought you you know way back when gala guy like they worked on like peyton kate us for nintendo a fullfledged rpg so they've done a little bit of everything except for a game that fits that template exactly an be interesting emmys star fox they've made right ram it be interesting to see what comes out of that if that's all true well speaking of more firstperson shooters possibly coming to switch and call of duty as you'd mentioned earlier brian uh there are more rumors of potentially call of duty black ops four coming to switch this uh fall ill yeah yes oh and this was this is a rumor that was reported by a writer and industry insider mark is sellers through twitter who apparently and he knows people i'm in he saying that called duty two thousand eighteen is black ops four and it is coming to ps4 xbox pc and switch it is set in the modern times and his boots on the ground the switch version will support deal see hd rumble in motion controls the switch version is also being ported by a company which is familiar with call of duty games now i know it's a rumor so it's neither here nor there never even know what the next call you need senate bianca jagger and sell right we'll see what they need a bet but with a what was the last one they made i forget which one trey are dead but of course than responsible for and blackouts rier it was block upsuege was at problems with it at xray arc did work on buck ups yes i admittedly i ticon of just dipped at at at franchise i'm sort of just like so i have a hard time remembering what happened in world war two not the actual i don't know i remember very well what happened and i have no idea what i wasn't diverse field eight of this morning infinite warfare fisher and then world war two but the one i just came right before that is the one a can't renewal that war no.

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