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This is the Tom Hartman program is the report were on page one oh, five he's talking about Dimitri Simes and the center for the national interest policy. A foreign policy think tank that has good contacts with Russia, and how Kushner and Jeff Sessions were involved with this fellow Dmitri signs. The memoranda proposed building a small and carefully selected group of experts to assist Jeff Sessions with the campaign operating out of the assumption that Hillary Clinton is very vulnerable on national security and foreign policy issues. The memorandum outlined key issues for the campaign, including quote, a new beginning with Russia. The national interest host national interest is the magazine CNI foreign policy speech at the Mayflower Hotel during the March twenty fourth phone call and their March thirty first in person meeting signs. And Kushner discussed the possibility of CNI hosting a foreign policy speech by candidate Trump following these conversations signs agreed that he. Others associated with CNN I would provide behind the scenes input on the substance of the foreign policy speech, and the CNI officials would coordinate the logistics of the speech with sessions and his staff, including sessions chief-of-staff. Rick airborne in mid April twenty sixteen Kushner, put signs in contact with senior policy adviser, Stephen Miller, and forwarded to signs an outline of the foreign policy, speech Miller had prepared Sime sent back to the campaign bullet points for the speech that he had drafted with CNN executive director, Paul Saunders and board member, Richard Burt signs receive subsequent draft outlines from Miller, and he and solder spoke to Miller by phone about substantive changes to the speech. It is not clear. However, whether CNI officials received an actual draft of the speech for comment while Saunders recalled having received an offer an actual draft signs, did not. And the emails CNI produced to this office, do not contain such draft after board members expressed concern to signs the hosting the speech can be perceived as an endorsement of a particular. Candidate C, and I decided to have its publication the national interest serve as the host and have the event at the National Press Club Kushner later, requested that the VAT, be moved to the Mayflower Hotel, which was another venue. Add mentioned during initial discussions of the campaign in order to dress address concerns about security, and capacity on may twenty on April twenty fifth twenty sixteen Saunders booked event rooms at the Mayflower does both speech and VIP reception. That was to be held beforehand Saunders understood that the reception at which invitees would have a chance to make candidate Trump would be a small event. So understood decided who would attend by looking at the list of invitees to the speech itself. then then choosing a subset for the reception c._n._a.'s invitees to the reception included sessions and kislyak the week before the speech signs said informed kislyak that he would be invited to the speech and that he would have the opportunity to me trump when the pre speech perception began on april twenty seventh receiving line was quickly organized so that attendees could make trump sessions i next trump to introduce into the members of congress who were in attendance after those members had been introduced sime stood next to trump and introduced him to the c._n._i. invitees attendance including kislyak signs perceive the introduction to be positive and friendly but thought it clear the kislyak and trump had just met for the first time kislyak also met kushner during the pre speech reception to shook hands and chatted for a minute or two during which sherry called kislyak saying we like what your candidate is saying it's refreshing several public reports state that in addition to speaking with kushner at the pre speech reception Kislyak also met or converse with sessions at that time session, stated to investigators, however, that he did not remember any such conversation, nor did anyone else, affiliated with the national interest. Specifically recall a conversation or meeting between sessions and Kislyak at the pre speech reception. It appears that if a conversation Kurd at precedes speech, reception, it was a brief one conducted in public view similar to the stage between Kushner and Kislyak the office found no evidence that Kislyak conversed with the Trump or sessions after the speech or would have had an opportunity to do so signs. For example, that recall seeing Kislyak at the post speech luncheon in the only way to account of her sessions whereabouts stated, the sessions may have spoken to the press after the event, but then departed for Capitol Hill Saunders recalled based in part on a food related request received from a campaign staff member that Trump left the hotel a few minutes after the speech to go to the airport. Item subsets. See Jeff Sessions post-speech interactions with CNI in the wake of sessions confirmation hearings as Torney general questions arose about whether sessions campaign period, interactions with CNI apart from the Mayflower, speech included any additional meetings with embassador Kislyak, or involved, Russian related matters with respect to Kislyak contacts, on may twenty third twenty sixteen sessions attended CNN is distinguished service award dinner at the four seasons. Hotel in Washington DC sessions, attended predinner, reception and see that one of two head tables for the event, a seating chart prepared by solders indicated the sessions with scheduled to be seated next to Kislyak who appears to her spotted the indicate to the invitation by indicating he would attend the event sessions. However, did not remember seeing speaking with or sitting next to Kislyak at the dinner, although CNI board member, Charles Boyd said he may have seen Kislyak at the dinner. Sime saunder. Jacob Heilbron editor. The national interest all had no recollection of seeing Kislyak, the may twenty third of that Kislyak also does not appear in any of the photos from the event that the office of tained in the summer of two thousand sixteen CNI organized, at least two dinners in Washington DC, recessions to meet with experience, foreign policy professionals. It's the mullahs report. Coming to your city soon on our book tour for the hidden history of guns in the second amendment. I'll be in New York, Washington DC Portland. Los angeles. Seattle, San Francisco Chicago and Minneapolis here. I come more information is available at Tom Hartman dot com. Just a quick app WI fi tonight. I'll be on the Bill Maher show and on Saturday in Los Angeles at three o'clock, the KPFK speaker series on Sunday in Seattle at seven thirty pm will be at townhall. They've already sold over seven hundred tickets to that. There's still I think a hundred or so left on Tuesday night. It's seven o'clock. I'll be at the first church in Berkeley, Friday. I'll be in Chicago at frugal MIA'S bookstore in Darien, Saturday, Minneapolis and actually Saint Paul at next chapter booksellers and then Friday, July twelfth, we'll be in Philadelphia and specifically for that Friday, July twelve are associated, we have this affiliation with free speech TV and part of the fundraising drive that we're doing right now for them. This is the very last week of it is giving away in exchange for a substantial donation giving away a dinner at this extrordinary restaurant in Philadelphia, the liver chew Italian restaurant, the owner, rusty Francis credit Rolla is. On the line with us rusty my policies. If I've mangled either the pronunciation of your name, or your restaurant, Nick didn't pass. Do we have? Okay. Great. So. Tell me about the new sanctuary movement, and your restaurant. What is this? This is extraordinarily. Well, since since the twenty six and actually we should have been involved earlier. But we were pushed to it of our restaurant is made possible by the by the work of immigrants from all over Mexico, Italy Canada Nicaragua, and it's been impossible for us to nor what's been going on. And what's been happening in their lives, and the interruptions to their families, and we have decided to team as much as we can with the new sanctuary move into photo elsia and currently what they're doing is of hosting a couple. Families are several families in the of the Germantown area for they've taken sanctuary in churches, and we supported them and other immigrant movements including doing dinners undocumented immigrants basically as a way of. Acknowledging the debt of especially all industry, but the entire country, but especially the industry were owned owes to. Yeah, it's, it's, it's a remarkable thing and June July twelfth were having the, the, the dinner for free speech, TV donors and, and, you know, to, to get in on that go to free speech dot org. You can get all the information, but tell us about the kind of food you guys serve. Well, my grandparents were from a boot, so, so it's the cuisine of a boot. So when a brutal you would think of that sort of a bridge between central and southern Italy, so truffles and, and mushrooms, and things from central Italy, and, and hot pepper and tomato and things from from, from a companion collaborators or better, south boots. So it's sort of a very traditional very hard core kind of wet the ground zero Philadelphia was the ground zero for people from boots. So it's sort of the. The food of the diaspora from that part of it away. That's remarkable rusty, you're doing great work. And I look forward to media on July twelfth and the restaurant again, is liver chew Italian restaurant in Philadelphia rusty. Thanks so much for dropping by. No. Great talking with you to continue our conversations George in Chicago, George. What's on your mind today? When you were speaking with the my Walter about the criminal foundation of Richard Nixon's political career. Yeah, this is in the last hour for people who just tuned in that we just did an hour with Lamar Waldron on, on the, the association's criminal associations of Nixon, Trump. And how Nixon actually help Trump and predicted that one day Trump would be president back to Europe a George, excuse me. I was just wondering with that kind of a background and have you Lamar in your various research over the years uncovered anything to indicate wide, white Eisenhower was willing to accept Nixon did he has people do any checking into Nixon's background? Why would they accepted a relative unknown like him when you have prominent people like Senator Taft, evil was known as mystery publican was well respected, or even governor Dewey of New York, who would run as a presidential candidate fighted is in our except Knicks? I have some speculation, but I'm reluctant to share it because I don't honestly know the answer to that question, Laura, I worked for eighteen years, literally on these two books on the JFK assassination, legacy of secrecy, and Oldham sacrifice, but I did not work with Lamar on his books on water. Gate on Nixon. So that's a question for Lamar that, you know, I can't I can't answer Georgia, I'm sorry. My guess would be that, you know, is our was seen as a democrat. In fact, everybody assumed in fifty two that he was going to run for the democratic primary. He ended up running as a Republican for the Republican primary, and as a Republican and the Nixon was well known in fifty two as kind of Joe McCarthy, Republican is a hard core right wing anti-communist Republican, and so my theory would be that Nixon was put on the ticket to bring in the Republican base, basically, because Eisenhower didn't have the Republican base..

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