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Right. Trying to find this Kitson's menu. Chicago hang on a second. I I have to upload a fucking picture. This thing they brought this guy the piece of cake. This fucking piece of cake. I swear to God, it was like it was like a whole cake. Something like banana dream boat when I saw the menu. I was saying to my somebody. I forget I says you twenty bucks if you just fucking order this just because I wanna hear you say out loud Gibson's menu. All right. What is it called here? Hang on hang on. All right is the menu. What are we got here? The meaning of life cake that wasn't it pumpkin pie. But in a cream pie. Fucking have it. Something like banana dream boat. I don't want. It was. But it was also versions birthday. We took him out to breakfast, right? We ended up getting they don't go. It's his birthday so's breakfast. And they brought over like some fucking one of those chocolate whipped cream. Fucking waffles or whatever. And we sang happy birthday to him is loud as possible in the thing. Just kidding right in his face, and it was actually joking with firs years ago. You know, what I that's why guys funny because if we will women that actually would have been sincere. He was just sitting there. Fucking embarrassed shit was such a great time. So. Anyways. I'll be honest with you. I really don't have a lot to talk about. I've been just fighting off as God damn cold. All I know what I can talk about. So when I was in when I was in Chicago, you know, I told my travel agent, I go book me. Book me in a nice hotel close to the fuck in the venue. Now, I'm a fancy man at this point. So I don't even handle any of that shit. I finally learned how to delegate stuff because I was doing my whole career. I was like fucking Chuck Berry the way he'd drive up to the venue in his own car with his fucking guitar in the backseat. That's what I was doing..

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