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Forest hills neighborhood The officers say he had a metal pole and refused to drop it for four officers shot and killed him It's a 48 traffic and weather on the 8s Jack Taylor's in the traffic center All right we're suffering with some beltway delays right now in Virginia coming out of Springfield on the inner loop riding up toward two 36 then we just have you got some volume as you leave the toll road headed up toward the GW Parkway I 95 northbound heaviest in lorton there is some activity up at the fairfax county Parkway sitting over on the left shoulder grabs a little bit of attention On the outer loop as you leave Springfield out in your van Doorn street got a crash along the far right side of the roadway and we still have our issue on the outer loop of the beltway but it's at down near the GW Parkway That activity with a broken down vehicle is safely moved onto the right shoulder Chain bridge road down near chain bridge we'd had reports of Iraq 29 near 15 and Gainesville that was a reported crash and on the GW Parkway going northbound headed up toward the overlooks in one 23 stay right through that work zone Slowing in the district on D.C. two 95 southeastern avenue headed down toward Pennsylvania avenue There's a delay almost the length I two 95 north leaving oxen cove headed beyond Malcolm X avenue beyond suitland Parkway and the 11th street bridge toward Pennsylvania avenue then the pace begins to improve Crash activity in northeast closing bening road between 42nd and 40th street watched to be rerouted We'd had earlier activity inbound on suitland Parkway between Nala road and Alabama avenue unclear if that broken down vehicle cleared from the right side of the roadway All right you will find we're slow beltway Maryland topside outer loop 95 to Georgia avenue inner loops heavy approaching New Hampshire avenue to exit north on to 95 There's a delayed BW Parkway south getting down toward one 75 then one 98 down toward one 97 and through the beltway interchange Old Columbia pike near greencastle road and burtonsville That's a reported crash branch avenue north near naylor road We had an earlier wreck and two ten northbound near fort Washington road an earlier crash had been along the left side of the roadway For over 35 years Greenberg and betterment has helped clients win the compensation they deserve and as always pay no fee unless your case is won Visit GB lawyers dot com and feel better Jack Taylor WTO P traffic At the forecast now Mike's Jennifer how are we doing so far Not too bad this morning Things are fairly quiet There's a little bit of patchy drizzle on some fog still from around BWI.

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