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It starts at two hundred and fifty five dollars. Go pick out your cute little smartwatch. Well, what did this welcome to the lady gang? Say that again, eighty Jiang things are about to change around here each week. We catch up with Hollywood's hottest girl posse Kilty night, Becca, Tobin, and Jack Vanik. Late again, I'm back at Toby here with Kelsey night and Jack panic, and I just had a total. Aha moment. So it's official every time I overdo it with sugar, I feel nauseous afterwards. Or are you talking about the Tim town? I just had to Tim towns and I feel like I could throw up only one, Tim Tam at a time to was too many too, too many shit to Tim feel car same or Tam, but you can't have. You can't have a Tim town. Feet responsibly people. Damn it. It's so good though from I need a little bit of a hold on. We're gonna take a break second. I'll start with my good week and now it's time for good we. Yes, it is bad. We know. Okay. My good week is amazing. So as you know, I may know, retentive are you and do you ever notice coaching? I travel with my own mug like my own travel mug and it's black just like my backpack and they go together. And so I have a specific mug that goes with me on my travels to airports because a lot of times, yeah, I go into the lounge and I, it's so expensive to get a tea or something at the airport because they're like, oh, it's five dollars and you're like, all I wanted was some hot water. This is some Bullshits, right? So I'll go and I'll find like I'll be the in hot water, whatever. Anyway, I ran out of tea, so went to Starbucks, and I was like, hey, can I get a hot tea in this. This container and you get ten cents off. If you bring your own container, whatever saving the world and the guy's eye problem. No problem. And then he filled up my tea mug and then he gave it to me and I was like, looking at him like, do I need to pay for this? And then he like, I think thought that like if you bring your own mug, the teas free so I didn't pay for it. I got a free t at Starbucks. I walked away. I five cent correct him. I should've been. You need to charge me for this, but I was just like, ooh, is your latest this like chill helping had Kelty zen Kelty's like free stuff. I'm in about the rules. Good. Do you feel bad because of it? Do you think about it like every second? No, I feel awesome. I got a free t it was that it might like weigh on your conscience. It gets a pretty hypocritical feeling for you, though. It is. Because if that were someone in front of you and you you witnessed this haring into that. Yeah, that's true to your. Yeah. Yeah. Okay, bad week. So I'm walking Kelly up in the hills where we live and at dusk, it's like dog walking central up there, you know, and there's some coyotes every once in a while. So I'm walking the dog. She's on a leash, obviously, follow the rules, and then there's this other dog not on Malaysian, an owner and the owner turns around, she's like, hey, guys. Just be careful. There's two baby coyotes around here and colleagues the street dog. So she's like coyotes my friends. So I'm like, okay, we got watch out for them. So we start chatting, whatever. And we're like, how big are they? And then some other dog people come up the backside and they have three dogs on leashes and the dog that was with this woman off leash runs sniff their dogs in the guy holding those dogs is like your lady. Can you get your dog on the leash? And then she's like, starts walking over like, oh, sorry. Sorry. And he's like, can you just be responsible dog owner? And she was like, hey, chill out, man, I was just telling them about the coyotes and then they got in a major dog person. Right now. I always assume that all dog people got along because I was at the dog park and this pit bull was like basically humping poor Cowley into womanhood, even though she's already a teen mom and like drilling on her head..

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