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And last but not least next is the White Lady of Union Cemetery. Union cemetery is located in New England Connecticut. And it's allegedly won. The most haunted cemeteries in America. It's rich with legends of the paranormal and even true stories like grave robbers and people who'd sell corpses to scientific places conducting research on human anatomy and the cemeteries located right smack. Dab next creepy old church from seventeen hundreds so. It's almost right out of a movie. One of these and tease. That is said to haunt this cemetery is the white lady. She seems to get around because she's also been seen walking along route fifty nine as well as other roads or places in the area and if these tales are to be believed she's even responsible for many car crashes and the source of a anomalous activity to electrtonics like car heaters or air conditioners will malfunction if people drive by the cemetery night and even the radio will start to come static sometimes with eerie voices coming through so I guess to a degree. This ghosts can be classified as dangerous. The cemetery is a very popular spot for ghost. Hunters Demon Knowledge Ists and the New England Society for Psychic Research is also conducted many studies there and when it comes to paranormal investigation. There is no experts there is no comparing qualifications and stuff like that. But we'll just say that some of the biggest names in any of that country searches spend time here investigating which is pretty interesting but it's also interesting that one of the most well known. Legends of the cemetery is about a white lady. Legend revolt things because she is easily the most famous apparition that resides there but there are many other accounts of encounters with other paranormal entities. In the cemetery I also find it interesting that it's a white lady legend because there's widely legends from all around the world spanning across many different cultures. It's a classical urban legend ghost story archetype and I'm pretty sure that if you're listening to chronicles probably heard one of those legends before said Chas Somebody driving home alone at night. And there's a lady on the side of the road woman who needs help and she's usually in a white gown demand picks up the lady is like where you gotta go and takes her to her destination she requests and he pulls up the house he turns around to say that were here but the ladies night even there and when he goes up to the. House the mom or dad or whoever answers the door says that that woman has been dead for a long time so this is a pretty common type of ghost and paranormal Lord and within the Union cemetery this a lot of the general haunting type stuff. You would think would happen. You know like colds spots at nowhere and people get shivers down their entire body ren noises excetera but thought about the cold spots. Is that even hurt? The Heights of summer during very high temperatures is also a lot of documented cases of children becoming unexplainable. Ill for no rules. So it's actually advisable never to take kids there unless it's daytime. Those who walk the cemetery at night often hear voices or whispers calling out to the darkness which should not be answered. Unless you want to invite that long and out of all of the High Strangeness That Occurs At the Cemetery one of the main anomalies is the plentiful electromagnetic disturbances that seems to affect any modern electronic technology. And on the enough old timey cameras actually can still capture visual paranormal activity there but not cell phones usually digital stuff member. Sol allegedly. I never seen it myself because also people who say that you can kept for light words and stuff on digital cameras so who knows maybe you can get pictures with your cell phone but according to my research it's basically Photos all kinds of photos after their developed in already like you know you can look at him and everything after they're already developed light works will appear in images and people also seem bizarre. Strange red lines that go through the air and these have been captured on camera. Two out of all the weird stuff that happens at the Union cemetery probably the most fascinating phenomenon is called the midst which is pretty self explanatory. But it's a two blue miss that sometimes as white and only hovers around in certain parts of the cemetery and it can basically be a clear cloudless night and for some reason just this little patch as and everywhere else. There's no missed anywhere. Which is pretty creepy. However it's not as creepy as the floating read. Is that travel around the cemetery? At night they usually just hover about six feet off the ground. And according to legend the eyes are the revenue of a man who burned to death across the street and thirties named girl. Once these icy spots will usually turns gazed towards them and move in their direction which is horrifying but every time has ever happened. The witness basically took off running off the bat. So there's never been a documented account where floating is actually caught up to a person despite all these families there is no paranormal activity. More common at the cemetery then the white lady because to spend described as typical white lady or lady in white that is common in folklore all over the world like of already had and these huntings are usually associated with woman who was betrayed in some way or lost children to can never go home. Wants to go home. Something messed up happened. Then entity pierce visually as a young woman who either words night down or wedding dress since the mid twentieth century. She's been seen by a whole ton of witnesses and like any good legend. She has a bunch of contradicting stories behind her. Some people say that the white lady was a woman who died during childbirth and in her compute state between life death wanders looking for child then there are two other versions of the story and both basically stating that she died of Al Player Murder. The Tales Go. She was either killed room. Starting twentieth century and her body was thrown in sink hole behind the church or she was murdered by her jealous husband in the forties and yet still much darker story that of twelve year old prostitute named Libby Mathis who's apparition kanter former madam claiming that her body had been stolen from her grave and according to the legend when the authorities arrived at the madams urging the young girl's body was indeed gone. You can't really go wrong. In choosing whichever one of these stories that could be the origin for the late in white the entities mostly seen or directly appearing right for the cars this they drive past the cemetery and when people pullover to ask her if she needs help she usually vanishes from sight right in front of him on the NF. Also she is Appears in front of a car and his actually hit by the car she will actually mimic. What would happen if she were alive and actually being hit by a car which is freaked a lot of people out there thinking that they killed somebody and the driver? Bolsover all stressed out. There's never anyone there. A local firemen even claims that when he hit the white lady with this car the apparition somehow left the very real and buried physical denton. The nightmarish account was also pretty creepy described by him. The firemen stated that he was just driving along the road one night when everything outside the car and inside took on a ready you and then look to his right and they're sitting in the passenger seat was the apparition of a man who looks like an old timey farmer wearing a straw hat and when you look back to the road. There was the white lady reaching out to him with desperate. Is You hit the brakes? But there was nothing he could do from stopping his vehicle from running into her. And that's got to be one of the most bizarre ghost apparition encounters. I've ever heard it's almost like you stepped into a different dimension for a second the whole everything around him taking on a Red Hue as pretty weird and fascinating so back in the nineties. The early nineties to be exact ad in the reign worn investigated the spot of extreme high strangeness. They conducted their investigation at night and they brought video cameras with them to record the experience something. The warns didn't really do earlier in their career. Because of a technological limitations they set up their camera tripod in the front of the main gates the cemetery and waited to see if the entity would show itself which it did. They actually allegedly captured around six seconds of footage of the White Lady. But other than that. This case really isn't too much to write home about concerning the Warren's the words did say though that the Union cemetery was a hot spot for demonic activity and the rained psychic visions caused her to estimate that there were many entities that resided there or more accurately were trapped there..

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