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You just can't as bad. We're like not over weight, Jamie. Okay. That makes a lot. I wish it was John Oliver. I was awkward what that John? Oliver shaney homers. Sorry, everyone shaming liberty shift. Jamie oliver. Yeah. Okay. Not to be confused with celebrity Sidey written human John Oliver. But I feel like this is, you know, one of those examples of the fun face that we're putting on the dystopia n- nightmare that we're sort of slower being slowly lowered into because what do you mean, slowly? Well, it's yeah. But it's something that it's not like, oh my God. And then Skynet became self aware and like launched all the nukes at the same time. It's like we're slowly just walking down the steps into the dystopia. But because they're like fun things. Like, you look like Tom Cruise that. It's just like I do look like. Yeah. I on there when I smiled tell you what celebrities smell like your last four digits of this. I got I gotta know. No it shouldn't do. Be. Yeah. I mean, so like the facial recognition thing is London. London's police force just hey. Hey. Oh, we're joined by one of the bobby's. So. Hey, officer, crumbled. Go ahead. So they were they were using facial recognition and facial scanning technology to skin the faces of Christmas shoppers and London kitsch those thievery Boogers. I think they're worried about you know, terrorism also shoplifting. I'm sure it was at the top of their list. They saw home alone. And we're like not on my watch. It's Christmas time, right? But you know, it's China's really good at it because they have like all of their citizens faces in a database, so they've been able to algorithm Mickley just figure out how to match facial technology. But I think in the west we're still not great at it. Because a whopping ninety eight percent of the matches used by the technology were mistakes because the London police force. Oh, yeah. Remember, David Schwimmer would do which was fake David Schwimmer. It's not a facial recognition thing. But the dude got caught on the security camera like stealing beer. Yeah. Like, David Schwimmer Ross, David Schwimmer. I keep saying his name. Yes. Yeah. For wade. Who was David even if you say it enough is he gonna appear to. Retool. Still. He does have like a vague Texas accent too. Yep. Towards the end of the season because maroon were like watching it. Yeah. And he started getting kind of buff. Oh, yeah. Once they're like, it's like Ross. Yeah. I feel like that happens sometimes because they see themselves on camera. And so as they're becoming more seen by more people. They're also like having less touch with reality, and fewer and fewer people tell them like no, your job is not to look awesome on camera. It's to play the role of this insecure paleontologist. Yeah. A paleontologist. Yeah. Early paleontologists fun. You know, handsome buff Pilion professors. I don't know. That's probably I'm sure I'm fucking up some watched friends ever. But yeah. And then once you get to the peak of your fame, you stop changing everything about yourself, which is why Michael Jordan still dresses like it's nineteen Ninety-six. Yeah. We'll let it caught up eventually to boil. He's the pinnacle style. Shipped comeback around. Just keep dressing the way you're dressing. It'll show up again, eventually Amazon has a patented a new doorbell camera that would be equipped with technology that allows the device together data and identify people considered to be quote suspicious. Which is scary doesn't also squirt water out of it and people ran that's yet. That would be a again that would be like the fun version of this is that it would like have, you know, looks like some of our video getting squirted in the face Tom Cruise movie about facial recognition like go anywhere kills or arrest people before they do something. Yes that oh I'd entity report. Nope. Minority report. Okay. Yeah. But they have facial scanners and a retina scanners all over the place on that one. So we're getting there. We're getting there. He's going to commit a murder. All right. Let's let's talk once again about I've been missing him because I didn't I chose not to pay attention to the news as much as possible over while we took some time off, but he's back our president better than ever. Yeah. He's still doing it. Still at it. President Donald Trump had a sort of half press conference like televised meeting yesterday full of just a a lot of comedic highlights..

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