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Fortunate to have knowledge of the fact that I knew that there was no pollution. I knew that. There was no obstruction Lanka Trump with the comments while traveling in Africa, promote women's economic empowerment North Korea claims it's launched a new type of tactical guided weapon. No, the Pentagon says it's likely a test of short range weapon, not a ballistic missile on FOX's special report with Bret Baier democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard was asked about the long we need to determine the facts and get the details of of what has actually happened here. But I think it's important to address the larger issue, which is that we still need to continue to pursue our efforts with negotiations with North Korea to denuclearize the Korean peninsula. And and finally bring about an end to the Korean war. Pentagon had no further comment a tour bus carrying German tourists has crashed on Portugals Madeira Island, killing at least twenty. Eight people and injuring another twenty eight the bus was carrying fifty five people when it rolled down a steep hillside after veering off the road, east of the capital and hit at least one house. This is Fox News. This report is sponsored by discover we you like you treat you. Good evening right now. We have a wreck on northbound. Interstate fifty five at macklemore. The left lane is blocked out there working eastbound, interstate forty at sycamore view crash on Winchester at mill branch. Also, a wreck on northbound interstate fifty five interstate two forty and we're waiting for records on union at Roselle fake from your discover alert seat if they find your social security number on any one.

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