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And listen to man has to say yeah. Let's body listen. The usa radio network presents the greatest radio programs of all time. The cbs radio workshop dedicated to man's immagination. The theater of the mind this is classic radio theatre want to get away from it. All be i in peace and war. Mcgee the unexpected. The unexpected the unexpected. Here's your host. Why talks lures and lionel. Barrymore starring in the story of dr killed there from seventy one years ago february. Fifteenth nineteen fifty. And we thank you for tuning in on this monday. Fifteen february forty six day of the year. We have three hundred nine hundred days or meaning until we get to twenty twenty. two president. Rutherford behave signed a bill allowing female attorneys to argue cases. Most of the supreme court in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine in eighteen ninety eight. The uss main exploded and sunk in havana harbor and cuba killing more than two hundred sixty. This eventually led to the us declaring war on spain in one thousand nine three morris victim and his wife introduced the first teddy bear in america in miami florida g. Ceppi's angara attempt to assassinate president franklin d roosevelt in nineteen thirty three but instead shot chicago mayor anton l. cirmac who died of his wounds on march sixth duke ellington orchestra recorded. Take the train on this date in. Nineteen forty one first general purpose electronic computer. Any eac electric numerical integrator and computer unveiled at the university of pennsylvania in one thousand nine hundred forty six in one thousand nine hundred eighty three seventeen year old tenley albright became the first american to win the world figure skating championship. A new was in one thousand nine hundred eighty three nine hundred sixty five a new red and white maple. Leaf design adopted this. The flag of canada were placing. The old can canadian. Red ensign banner. Kevin mitnick arrested by the fbi on this date in nineteen ninety-five and charged with breaking in some of the us's most secure computer systems which they weren't in one thousand nine hundred six mortar attack on the us embassy in athens greece. The earnhardt celebrated to a spectacular events on this date. In one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. Dale earnhardt won the daytona five hundred. After twenty years of disappointment and in two thousand four six years later dale earnhardt jr. when the daytona five hundred passing away on this date in history nat king. Cole actor wally cox singer ethel merman actor tommy. Who was a timmy in the original lassie. Television show mclean stevenson passing away on this date pro wrestler louis journalist howard k smith and singer. Songwriter dancer vanity. This is the birthdate of susan b. Anthony actor john carey more more born on this date as was cesar romero. Very fine romantic actor. Probably best known to a whole generation as the joker in the nineteen sixties. Batman also actor kevin mccarthy actress. Mary jane cropped probably best known. I did a lot of radio work for probably best known for her role in the. Here's lucy television program. Country music singer. Hank lachlan actor comedian. Corman actor rusty hamer probably best remembered for his time with danny thomas and make room for daddy and actor chris farley birthday number seventy for melissa manchester midnight blue and don't cry out loud also actress jane seymour. They both turned seventy today. Cartoonist matt groening. The simpsons sixty seven years old canadian musician. Jane child don't wanna fall in love. Lois griffin on family guy is fifty today from twenty four. Sarah winter is forty. Eight and from glee amber riley is thirty five. Those few of the people who celebrate the fifteenth day of february.

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