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If you've listened to this podcast or you have been able to read my weekly blog at scuba shack website you'll know that I'm a firm believer in climate change real and climate change is really impacting one of our tenants of our mission which is to advocate for ocean health and sustainability How much evidence do we need Recently on September twenty fifth two thousand in nineteen the intergovernmental panel on climate change and I typed accepted the summary for policymakers titled the Ocean and Kreis fear in a changing climate was accepted during the first session of the IPC which was held in the Principality of Monaco. Now there were fifty plus drafting offers authors of this summary For policymakers along with fifteen contributing authors and these were scientists and folks from all around on the world you can download the whole report on the IPC website and it's about a thou- well over a thousand pages when you see every getting in there on all the evidence that that supporting their their summary Now what is the crisis fear the crisis fear is defined components of the Earth System at and below the land and ocean surfaces that are frozen including snow cover glaciers ice sheets ice shelves icebergs sea ice late Geiss river ice permafrost and seasonally frozen ground now when you look at it the ocean comprises seventy one percent of the earth's surface while the cry of fear is about ten percent of the breath so eighty-one percent is being affected by climate change dramatically now the report also has defined their confidence levels from very low to very high in their findings and then also their likelihood of that things will happen as they describe I bh now the report on the summary For policymakers is broken down into three sections upfront which are the observed changes in impacts projected changes in risks and implementation of responses to the ocean cries fear what I thought so they're absorbed physical changes a one St over the last decades global warming has led to widespread shrinkage of the cries fear with masks loss of ice sheets and glaciers very high confidence reduction in snow cover high confidence and Arctic Sea ice extent and thickness the high confidence and increased permafrost temperature very high confidence that's finding a one eight two it is virtually the global oceans have warmed unabated since nineteen seventy and has taken up more than ninety percent of the excess heat in the climate system high confidence since nineteen ninety three the rate of ocean warming has more than doubled likely marine heatwaves are very likely doubled in frequency since one thousand nine hundred eighty two and are increasing in entity very high confidence by absorbing more co two the ocean has undergone increase surface acidification virtually certain a loss of oxygen in has occurred from the surface to one thousand meters medium confidence that's just the flavor of a couple of the observed changes in impacts you can read more about them on the report and it's the findings talk about global mean sea level rise the impacts on species in these areas the impacts to people.

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