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US IN Roma, Texas, Magdalena Banana has from Honduras and her one year old son crossed in a raft. No money says The truth is, it hasn't been bad we didn't suffer at least until now. Carrying the baby is tiring, but a house turned herself into customs and Border Patrol officials. She's on her way to family in New Jersey, more shelters of pitching in to help House migrants. Melissa Gutierrez is that loaves and fishes shelter. We always want to feel that we're prepared, but we at this time don't know how big the numbers are going to be. I'm Ed Donahue. Dr. Rachel Levine, Pennsylvania's former top health official, was confirmed Wednesday in the Senate to become the new assistant secretary at the Department of Health and Human Services. Correspondent Burning Bennett as more what was 52 to 48. It marked the first time in U. S history. The U. S. Senate confirmed it openly transgender federal official during her confirmation hearing. Some Republicans raised concerns about living his handling of the groan of Ryan's response in Pennsylvania, including nursing home deaths and cats down on whether she deserved the promotion. Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky Press Levin on where she stands on general mutilation of minors. May be confused about gender identity and want to take hormones or have surgery to alter their body. Democrats Pan Paul for his line of questioning really Bennett reporting. The Treasury Department says it's sent out another 37 million economic impact payments over the past week. Bringing the total dispersed in the past two weeks. The $325 billion. The second batch of came and sent out this week followed an initial 90 million payments made in the week after President Biden sign the $1.9 trillion Kobe relief measure on March, the 11th More on these stories at town hall dot com. Writing involves financial risk. It is not suitable for all investors. Past results do not guarantee future performance want to dominate the stock market.

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