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At came out the film buteufor was in your head when you were shooting or were there were there conflict different kind of i think there were there were multiple different versions that we were shooting i mean warren's very specific on intention and as long as your intention is pure and is seen that it's going to go the way that it should go and it might go 10 different ways soi think he shot many different versions umandi know that the editing process was super long route um which is known for uh but that's kind of genius behind the whole thing um but yeah i think there were moments at surprised me in the edit umbuti also is allowed to see the be the first at it to the end so it totally change throughout the process which was super interesting to see but i think you know it's very multilayered and there's a lot to be gotten from that film and you could take in so many different directions at if we hadn't filmed at the way that we had i think the comedy would have been very different threaten because it's very layered in this drama of the period as well it could have been a very very dramatic movie or there could in moments of lightness and i think it's a little kooky because howardhughes was cookie soi think the at it makes you feel as though you're almost in its head must but also owes you hook conflict oulden at your saw goose roma'sromanrota we will we both rely on tillerson i mean it was it was at you know an matthewrodrick the three of us for like three amigos onset like what are we doing have you been i mean i'm sure just as like a consumer of pop culture umhave you ever gone through experts lakewoodoldham is probably going through one hansol right now mygodi'm so excited for him uh.

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