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Know about you guys but after a while. Somebody's been pretty much every time they see me beaten shit out of me. I don't know about you guys but after about two three times. I'm definitely going to be so freaking fed up that i'm going to say okay. You know what. Let's fight fire with fire. Next time i see this mojo. Oh i'm pouncing on his ass. I'm getting on his has like a fat kid. Loves chocolate candy. I got his ass. I got something for him. Remember one of the last times we saw malachi black and you guys can correct me if i'm wrong. One of the last time. I saw malachi black. He was attacking cody. Who is in pretty much guerrilla position with tony. Khan remember data. Remember that tony kahn. and cody. They were sitting next to each other. Somebody was going in there to interview cody about something and all other wctcam you saw big old boot in the face of cody and you going day and the guys were just beating the crap out of each other so now that you've got that in the back of your hand these guys have been yeah. Malachi has been bringing it to cody these past couple of weeks. What the hell is going on.

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