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KQV politics correspondent Lisa Lagos has more the order covers California's safety net programs including cash assistance medic how an in home health care for the next ninety days it suspends laws requiring recipients to reapply to keep getting the benefits it also aims to protect families on the state's cash assistance program known as cal works anyone on the program for the next three months will not have that time count towards the program's forty eight month limit the goal is to ensure the Californians still have access to the programs they need while letting them comply with social distancing recommendations I'm Aretha Lagos KQ retainers the city of San Francisco wants to hire more health care workers prompted by the corona virus pandemic mayor London breed has issued a declaration to speed up filling nursing vacancies the city plans to focus on hiring emergency and intensive care nurses the new employees would be hired on the spot instead of going through a traditional six month long hiring process health department officials say the declaration will allow them to bring on more nurses to meet the demands of a covert nineteen outbreak as of this morning there are fifty one confirmed cases of the disease in San Francisco and three hundred eighty four total in the bay area six people have died we've got much more about the corona virus pandemic and the bay area and California's response to it I can three D. dot org I'm terrace support today comes from visitors coverage dot com covering travelers for travel and medical uncertainties in the U. S. and abroad learn more at visitors coverage dot com support for NPR comes from bona maker of bona hardwood floor cleaner designed to lift and remove dirt and grime to reveal the floors natural beauty with water based solutions learn more at bona dot com slash bill McLean and the listeners.

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