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You're looking at going from a two gigahertz signal to a twenty gigahertz signal ten times the bandwidth to ninety gigahertz depending on what they do uh show you have a significant band with now more data that's passed wh which also true is that the they they use to transport the data there's an algorithm used transport between one device to the other and think of that the transport media like a holds you you have all one hose going to fill a pool and you wanna do it much faster so how do you make it faster you you take another holds the end it and you go to the pool that's doubling the volume of water will will they're doing the same thing when they go to five jeep is called meemaw morin morale so it's not just the frequency increasing but the data which is a it's a pulse in data is also now doubling because of the memo kicked on what is all at me what we know is that in the three gene there's a increase of danger to the schaal because it's up paulsen signal not a constant low to the south now we're gonna take it to the next significant level as can also much much faster and much much want pounding occurs to the south the membrane bells more quickly under those circumstances of course we don't have study work about it but we clearly understand the problem and is no question whatsoever that by de is much meyer much worse than four g which was infinitely more dangerous than g to which was a analog signal yeah i think you're right i hope that we're going to have actual studies on this soon although am i want to talk about how we're gonna protect ourselves but i think this topic skeptics.

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