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Okay okay same can be said about how some cosmic feel about that situation okay hello nobody can now his his his saving grace and that would be the people respond might not know he's a cop in my mind I know she was a cop because he wouldn't he wouldn't go hey I just shot a cop correct wishy in her clothes I think she's just coming home from work easily they have a change of clothes have locker rooms lockers correct well let's just say he didn't know he would say hey I just shot a copy seriously I shot intruder so by the time people get there there's going to be enough will there where it's like cops can't go this is a cop we bought the fuck you up it's not like one of those situations where concentrating shoot a cop and they go we bought the killed motherfucker so there might not be that but who's to say not some funky she's GonNa Happen on the way to the precinct looking Sandra bland she she went to jail for some bullshit and never backout okay so I think there might be I mean we know street justice exists why don't we think that you know they don't happen on the other side Yeah Yeah Yeah I agree there could be I think the I think in a legal aspect he's good you're right the legal aspect he should be in a sense of they're going to like try to fuck came over in his life or whatever the case may be but we cannot say that it's not a possibility is almost a definite correct I'd leave the fuck out of that wow I wouldn't I wouldn't say it's a definite I'm not go yeah you're right I don't WanNa do that because that's implying that there are way more bad trying to get retaliation on your this man and his whole family which happens does happen but it happens in every aspect and everything like you beat my cousin up we're trying each year right but guess what you can't legally beat me up but we're going to beat you out but you can't legally beat me up if you'd be my cousin yeah correct but they could take right and they're gonNA do it the right way they're gonNA have their bad on anyway yeah fuck that help people now does do you think she gets off if she comes then you know she has a fighting chance at that moment do you think she gets off if she comes in I said she has a fighting game but you only let me explain it contract explained to wall solution taste and he has a gun she shoots him I she has a fighting chance like I said sometimes you had to find this I I think she probably definitely gets off These he gets off they go way she was trained I don't think so he tried to get they tried to get off the marijuana sheet remember in his apartment remember remember remember when wants his broke they try to apply he had marijuana in house for anything they were trying to literally make a sound like Yo and we were all watching it like Oh shit where we're seeing it happening in front of us so oh I think she definitely gets off if she has a stronger case she has a fighting chance but I'm not I'm not gonna say that all the people that that were on the jury are GonNa be like you know what he had a gun in his house king and we kells said the correct word the jury the jury for the jury to not be influenced intimidated not saying they were trying to but it's a natural form of television where the people when you're dealing with a cop type case like this for them to not be swayed and to come to this decision I'm voting them Kinga weak kings and Queens unless it was all male females Kim voting them weaned game who says women can't be kings yeah okay okay volume yeah King Louis their recipes Botham gene thanks Kevin Caucasian Let us know what you guys think they six four six four six three I wanna chat y'all know where we are in the chat call he said the number is you so four six four six three for those watching the numbers on the screen it is pretty close he can see screen now trump that up in the news that as a guy be green the Science Guy B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. B. Negga I'm saying like science teacher Slosh it we need to stop and get into the anus is gone I gotta shout one of our dope is listeners one of our longest listeners one of the illest listeners that we got for sending me this article I thought it was interesting Shot Crystal I so you are not term fake it till you make it right now I came across this tidbit a while ago I wanNA say two years and I might have shared it on here I might not I might have shared with you guys personally but I read or heard I don't know I out of stuff in Paul's that wow this is I take a lot of stuff in and I don't I can't give it credit to where I heard it from but basically heard that one can benefit from pretending to be happy even when they aren't and I always try to emulate that even I do such a fucking bad job at it don't cry and cry the the true crime I can I'm going to be happy but this this article in Forbes kind of just reiterated that that that statement that saying that whatever I'm so certain psychological characteristics are well known influence heart health for instance being prone to stress and anger seems to put one at risk for heart problems and depression and cardiac health closely intertwined but a study out this week in the journal John J m a network over reports that one levels of optimism also predict heart health over the over the years as you might guess people who are more optimistic apparently have better hearts this is due to a number of cycle article in physiological factors understanding them more fully might inform certain elements of cardiac rehab they looked at data for fifteen pat Yossi data data data data depends on talking to the team looked at data from fifteen pass in fifteen past studies with almost two hundred and thirty thousand participants they basically tracked their behavioral psychological and physiological outcomes over time periods ranging from two to forty years and they basically found out those that appear to be more optimistic tend to have better cardiac health than those who aren't are those who feel their pessimistic now it is weird to you know measure how can someone be you know considered optimistic so he did that questionnaires and shit like do you believe that today's going to be a good day or do you believe that anything's possible you had were you are in life and they use those types of kind of questionnaires and those questions determine okay this person mainly optimists or pessimists and they think it's a big part is as an optimist you have positive mindsets often putting you in situations where you kind of take pardon goal setting problem solving coping with things versus a pessimist where you feel more like Whoa is me it always happens to me you never kind of get yourself out of that funk so basically Ebi optimistic help you out I heard this on NPR today that's why we that's why we I was happy when I heard this because I'm optimistic is I'm in the optimistic if there's no spot for realism for realistic listen listen to optimists the optimists trips over the low lying stick because their heads skied the pessimists history head on a low lying branch because they're too busy looking down at the ground to realistic one sees everything to always be he's he don't know no he knows who I just I really liked positive about everything and I told my brother that 'cause my brother's always like that person that's doubting things like it's not it he he would think it's not gonNa work out I'm the guy that's like it's going to work I'm always I just think it's not gonNa work out until he's rely on me for something so somebody like if if like crystals in like spot where she needs in some optimistic reassurance I can be that guy but that's not often where it changes why am I'm often the person kind of going like this isn't GonNa work his isn't going to work so while optimus likely rejoicing at yet another study finding benefits of their disposition pessimists shouldn't despair many of the traits that are implicit optimism such coping and devising game plans difficult situations can be learned with a little practiced so it's not all for not for those who are kind of you know in the weird spot so don't feel them you know it's going to be I are you a best optimist optimus in a of or just naturally inspite of okay because I'm a strong so when you're alone with yourself and your own thoughts you're you're not as optimistic as you are on people like your like your wife and your kids yeah I stay very positive around him when you're lonely so sensitive moments every time I'm alone I'm thinking negative thoughts but there are moments where you know negative into the editor for myself out of that though I'm not a same yeah Oh man I wanna say it's because I'm a strong believer in faith as well so that's where that's where my is bullshit optimism comes from you think faith is yeah I mean that's that's being optimistic me believing phrases book no no I'm saying like faith in I don't think faith in optimism or no let me finish okay seem like Shit Dan Mine I don't feel like I don't feel personally faith in optimists views are intertwined with each other 'cause I have faith okay and that doesn't mean I'm optimistic just means I know everything's GonNa go bad for me so I don't know if you have shit faith I don't know I I have faith in this go bad okay I have faith that our friendships gonNA fuck up 'cause you're GonNa fuck me over what did I have faith that Jr is going to be a shit head and be late next yes but what I'm saying is that that's that's me believing faith but not but not necessarily yeah works out to you this crazy often fucking announced that shit kid to reward good grades soon made the title was on this one yes not once not on time I get a straight from time line the way this is supposed to go is supposed to go straight from the Tom Line here's a fucking crazy shit that I saw don't switch to.

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