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Oil 64 83 a barrel celebrating 75 years of security. That's second to none visit they alarmed dot com to get protected. Today I'll play whether from Ko Phi sunny and hot for your Thursday highs in the mid to upper eighties for the L, A Basin and inland OC low to mid nineties. For the valleys and the IAEA. Upper seventies to around 80 along the coast. Low nineties in the high desert low seventies in the mountains tomorrow, the hottest day of the week close to triple digits in the valleys and the inland empire right now, 80 degrees in Anaheim. 76 Lake forced 84 in Corona 72. In Long Beach. We lead local lie from the K If I 24 hour news room, I'm Layla Mohammed. Hey, if I didn't 6 40 would like everywhere on the island really happened Hotel again for Gary and Shannon in 2000 and eight television producer Matt, who's through the L A Times judges. The king of reality TV created the extreme obstacle course Syriza wipe out for ABC, which would go on to run for seven seasons and was created for 40 countries. Making it one of the most popular game shows in the world. Now that is the executive producer of the newly reimagined version of Wipe out for TBS with host John Sena and the Cold Buyer. Wipe out airs Thursday nights on TBS. But joining me right now is back Kunitz himself. That good to talk to you. How are you doing today? I'm fantastic, And I'm glad to be talking with Southern.

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