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There. Was this irish pub where all the ex pats australians the english americans whoever lived in work in russia at the time i would go to this pope who was favourite of the expat community. I meet them there literally within five minutes of showing up to meet him there he says to me i work for the defense intelligence agency and your country needs you and before he got the words out of his mouth. I said i'm in. He's a wizard. You don't even know what you're in for. I just said my country needs me. I'm in and he says to me said look the guys that you're sitting at the table with drinking and singing songs me and my friends for the last thirty years of our lives. We tried to figure figure out what car they were driving. If we actually figured out the license plate number that was like christmas came early you're sitting there having drinks with them and telling jokes is it you understand what level of people you're sitting with. I said look. I assumed that they were serious guys because we're talking about a series telecommunications deal but i didn't know how important they were and he said look you know your country needs you but there's a problem. It's very risky. The soviets initially had developed in anti-satellite system which basically bottom online was it would've allowed their bombers to fly all the way to the united states despite the <hes> radar jamming capabilities that we have because it would have jammed the radar jamming capabilities capabilities and he made it. He told me straight out he goes listen. Russian bombers could actually hit d._c. Or new york and we need in any way shape or form anything thing to do with the system. Could you help us get it. He said look if you're caught. You understand europe jewish kid born in this country. You're basically traded of them already. Because you gave up your passport work left to america and now you're coming back as a grown young man to spy on them. He's the best you can hope for is probably a bullet in the head. He said in the worst i that can happen to us. You'll wind up finding out about a cell where the words raul wallenberg was here scrawled scrolled across the top. They said and we're not stepping stepping up for you because you're not officially working for us. I said look i'm in it doesn't matter and <hes> i proceeded to start trying to bribe russian military operatives and get scientists and go to close military cities to <hes> find him this weapons. They give you any training. I mean <hes> and he did you. You learn tradecraft bought me a beer now now. My tradecraft came from brooklyn. That's where i learned all my tradecraft coney island across the street from the cyclone. I learned everything. I needed to learn about you a few beers by the way well listen. I keep offering to pay but it you journalists. Have this ethics issue about take a drink from me equal in trade. That's our tradecraft. Well listen. I want to say wanted to not only. Do i appreciate the drinks that you bought from me but i appreciate how many times in the future we'll keep buying drinks. I'd like to thank the dance are are well done. Well done in your clothes of the government's letter which lays out all the things you did for. Dan didn't lay out all of it or laid out some of it. It was a summer okay far from seder went above and beyond what is expected of most cooperators and placed himself health in great jeopardy in so doing. How did you place yourself in great jeopardy going to afghanistan to try to buy stinger missiles hunt bin laden auden. You know things like that d- in russia i what would have happened to me. What would have happened to me in russia. They caught me. That was grave jeopardy pretty much everything jeopardy. Was there a moment that you thought your life was in danger and if so can you tell us if he doesn't have those moments you know i can you give us one or two. I think there's a reference to some events in cyprus. Maybe in in your lawyer's letter but i'll home so the u._s. Government just to get rid of one fallacy. I did this to get out of jail. There's a legal term for that. It's called bullshit one..

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