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Who I am today the car wash and goes by the name. Now, your host Eric Metaxas. Saying he might former grand had so sweet now, Ben. Yeah. Why are you? What about that Jerome Corsi? What about him? Boy, it's big. It's big stuff. Get him some crazy stuff, and he's in the middle that well, let me let me ask you some questions here since I happen to have you on the phone right here. First of all, did you know that we're being watched? No. Yeah. Camera over there. Oh, there's other cameras. There are people who subscribed to what I like to call Metaxas. Super and they can watch this radio show like on their TV's were on their computers, or whatever they want. Yes, they can. And it's very very cheap because we haven't raised the price yet. And so if anybody wants to watch this program in the beautiful TBN, we are glorious leader youthful TB studios. T E N studios. This studio is so beautiful that it seems almost a crime not to watch it if he can. So even though this is a radio program, obviously, most people are listening to us on the radio or podcast. But if you subscribe to Metaxas super you can now we've been we've been. Pushing this for months, and it's we're finally here year studio finally beginning to get the kinks out and figure out how to do it. But if you do not know that I'm telling you, you can watch us for pennies a day, and basically. That's why you're wearing a tie. I that's that's it there. Yeah. Now, it's why I'm wearing tied to because I thought to myself it just it just doesn't look, right. You know is this straight? But it's wonderful, and I can see you got a haircut and it's been like three weeks ago. But yeah. Mopped up was not working Campbell Keefer noticing. Really, it was just you were looking shag. I know I look like Rodney you will look like that's a Pittsburgh TV show when I was growing on Rodney Rodney. Headed thing. That was connect. More like Rodney now when I was in college. I look like anyway. Okay. So so it's it is kind of funny because when the cameras are turned on you suddenly realize like, oh, my hair's messed up and whatever. And I still here is messed up I have invested. I thought it would be worth it since we're going to be on TV cameras. I've invested then, you know, it's not cheap. But I said it's worth it in the long run, I invested in a well, fitted. That's where it gets expensive a well fitted horsehair wig. People probably can't tell and that's the whole point. I wanted to look like my regular hair, but it's well, fitted if you use the right adhesive people really can't tell and the reason I always get a horsehair wig. And I recommend from justify believe from his main or his tail wondering it's from one of his forebears. Oh, not much. But the point the point is that if you if you get horsehair it really holds its value. So when you resell the wig in the future. You know, you can get pretty much what you pay for it. Okay. We got gotta move on. And so he does not after. So the point is none of the horse died by natural causes though. Because natural die, you know from from a bullet wounds. Okay. So now, listen, we gotta talk about some stuff. They let's start first of all in our one today. We talked to joke Jerome Corsi in our two which is now we're going to talk to Mickey Robinson Jackie. I. I know we talked about Jackie Robinson. Announces one hundredth birthday today in an hour one and online will post the video of me talking about it. Now, we're one because it's a nice little summation, but it was because of his Christian faith and the Christian faith of branch Rickey who recruited him general manager of the dodgers. Their Christian faith was what made them want to break the color barrier because they knew that their faith in the God of the bible says God is not a respecter persons. We are all equal in his eyes. And to do what major league baseball had done it to that point was immoral. Yeah. And God God was a big fan of baseball. And he was like eyes. God God put on him at uniform and nineteen sixty nine. Everybody knows that. Okay. But so the point is that Jackie Robinson's faith is usually underplayed the New York Times didn't write about it. They had a sixteen page section underplay or not get into the vacuum. That may Jackie Robinson. Do what he did Jesus. Right. There is an error. You can score that if you scoring at home that's an error. And by the way. So we talk about an hour one in this hour, we're gonna play an encore with Mickey Robinson who another Robinson. Nicky Robinson died went to heaven and came back to tell about it. We had him on this program. And I said, it's so cool. But do you know why we're doing Mickey Robinson today? Can I can I tell you the hint police it's not because his last name is Robyn citizens. It's because last night Suzanne, and I had dinner with Steve and Judy sess ler. Okay. Stephen Judy sess ler like two years ago. You know, I always say that if somebody gives a certain amount of money to a to a charity, whatever we've upped the amount now, it's ten dollars. But if you give ten thousand dollars to avail, which is the pregnancy help center, that's he's an ran for twelve years, and is still obviously very involved in. But if you give ten thousand dollars to them, I said, I will have dinner with you as a way to say, thank you. So last night we had dinner with the with the sesame. Stephen Judy, and we're talking, and they know the program better than I do because they remembered stuff and they said, oh the one with Mickey Robinson. And I was like Nikki it, and then I was like, oh my goodness. I forgot. Yeah. And that's why this morning when you said should we run this? I thought to we run Mickey Robinson because last night. The settlers are telling me that they remembered it what I thought I forgot how great it was when I started listening to pieces of it. I said this is incredible story. So stay tuned, folks, five minutes. Okay. But I also got a new iphone for Christmas some struggling here. Mary chris. I want to mention to people want to watch this you go to Metaxas. Suzy kolber or you can go to Metaxas talk dot com and sign up, but I am recommending it, folks. We put on ties we we did Albinger Jackie we've got mentioned a couple of things. First of all when you were putting your Thanh. I said, it's not straight. You gotta fix it. And I said I learned how to dress for my Cirque to'real forefather. Tim raglan, my friend, and he he knows more about like, men's fashion, and whatever he's an amazing guy is he foppish? No, no. But he a dandy, and he basically, you know, he's a fan of old films the thirties and the four drafts. And so he kind of learned it's a really cool thing. So Tim raglan now, he's the illustrator of Donald drain the swamp. Yes, he wrote it with me, and he is also the illustrator of uncle Mugsy and the other Muggsy book we've done a number of books together, but Donald drain. The swamp is the most recent collaboration with Tim raglan. But if anybody ever says to me. Eric I like the way you dress, Tim raglan. I gotta you gotta give credit where do I want to give me credit? I'm giving him credit, and I would not know anything or care about, you know, so anyway, okay, okay now. So we have to mention before we go to our our incredible story with Nikki man who died and came to came on the program. Anyway. We have to say that we have a new sponsor, which is my pillow. Now, ladies and gentlemen. Anything you buy at mypillow dot com. They know I didn't know this. They have sheets. A dog dog bed dog that well, they have a pet beds. You can have a tiny Lama. Okay. It'll sit on the Laura is maybe a rabbit, but the point is whatever you have Molina. My niece she has a rabbit. Oh, there you go. That's why I mentioned the cutest rabbit. I almost a rabbit. Suddenly, I realized George not that cute compared to the rabbit. But anyway, there's pet beds. There are there's all this stuff. Okay. So whatever you want. It's at my pillow dot com. Body pillow body pillow. So you can get you can get and that's for that's for corpses. By the way, I should.

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