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Let's do another league and i said yes sure what the heck. Let's do this evening and fill up in the league by the time the season starts on sunday night and there's only forty spots left so we've already filled sixty in less than actually over twenty four hours. We filled sixty of one hundred spots in. I'm at the point now. Let's say tomorrow. This is forty spots are completely filled up then. We'll open another one. If we get five hundred let's for six hundred. I wanna see how many behind the steel curtain fans as we can get into survivor pool and it's easy i will after this show which is at nine fifty one eastern standard time i will bump up the article to give you all the information you you need to get into that survivor. League join us. It'll be fun and maybe just maybe you'll be smart enough in terms of your pick them to actually win an autograph of all for for free free kasey nothing that i mentioned it's free it is all right. It's no input five dollars in the tip jar. We appreciate do you think this will. It'll be a top ten defense. I do i really do. I think that they're secondary's improving. I like steven nelson addition. I like joe haden now that that he's comfortable with a new contract. I feel like you'll be able to relax a little bit. Hopefully he stays healthy. I think the steelers defense is going to be a top ten. 'cause i think they're still going to be able to put pressure on the quarterback back that way year daniel asked. Do you think we get an interception. They were premium last year in two thousand eighteen but i think this t- vents if if steven nelson is as advertised i think this defense could be on the verge of getting more turnovers. He had four turnovers last season to last defensive back for the steelers to have four interceptions in one season was none other than troy. We palmolive the last defensive back now quarterback defensive back think about that choice can retired for a long time and that's where we are so it can only go up in my opinion. I think it will this season so every up <hes>. Let's see find similar questions here all right. He's the cagy experience. Why can't we stop the pass over the middle. Do you think bush the answer. I do think devon bush and mark barron is the answer. Both of those guys are breath. Let it they know how to cover. They have mark barron has experience against the patriots. The last game that he played to eighteen was in the super bowl against the the patriots he similar. I think you see those guys playing a lot against <hes> the patriots in week one he asked will the steelers offense be modern day greatest show show on turf with the spread offense look in receiver death. You know there are times when i think that that is a possibility but then there's also times when i think this is a team that's still gonna wanna run the ball with power formations in get their offensive lineman all juiced up and go and forward instead of going backwards and pass pro and so. I think that it's going to be a mix of both. I hope it's a mix of both i say all the time. I want this offense to be balanced balance with ron balance with the past. Don't be able to one over the other be balanced. They can't always figure out what you're doing. It can't be an easy diagnosis as the the other teams tears across the line of scrimmage. I want them to be balanced whether it be versatile. That's my hope north. Todd asked you think josh gordon will make or break for the will be the make or break for the patriots next week. I think he's going to be a weapon. The steelers should know how to play against josh gordon. I mean he played for. He played for the the browns for years. Joe haden was a teammate of his went against him. In practice those played for the steelers he played for the patriots last season season. This should not be. I don't think it should be a huge deal from a preparation standpoint. The josh gordon's is in the lineup. It changes things because he's a dynamic anina player but i'm not going to be about you know..

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