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Jason hammers here. Pokes and the Texans tomorrow some coats playoff football. Finally, it's been a few years. They kick off tomorrow four thirty in Houston hotline and bring in Kevin Bowen, Kevin covers the colts. Like, nobody else for our sister. Sports talk station. Ten seventy the fan before we get to the playoff game tomorrow. Kevin a pair of colts rookies had a little bit of good news today. Yeah. I would say great news AT first team all PLO for quit Nelson. And Darius Leonard. First time rookie teammates have done that since gale sayers. And dick Butkus. Five when you're with stairs and buckets. I would say that's pretty good company. That's in good company right there. Wow. I did not know that. All pro is really the big thing. We put a lot of stock in the Pro Bowl because that's an all star game. But the voting for that was just a far Senate stupid to be honest with you all pro as more meaning to it. It's the best players at their positions and pretty darn impressive. Chris Ballard top affects equal ball practice here. And you mentioned the Pro Bowl voting. Darius leonard. Defensive guy for the colts. I mean, he should have been in there. The first first ballot, right? I mean, the it should have been number one. And he didn't need it. Yeah. You should have been. I I'm sorry. I say the Pro Bowl voting it's stupid. How does it work? So it's one third player. One third. Coach one third. Stan I've watched players vote for other players in the Pro Bowl they vote for their buddies. Or they vote for household name. Well, Derek winter comes from South Carolina, state Attleboro, your household names, you know, buddies around the NFL, and so I just have never put too much stock into the Pro Bowl. And who makes it all pro boating fifty Associated Press writers, I would think another thing that really stands out of those fifty writers Leonard and Nelson appeared on thirty one of the fifty ballots that was both in the top ten players. So there's about twenty five guys when you include specialists that make the all pro team the first team, and they pretty much have like the ten th and eleven most boats, which I mean, that's pretty much means, you know, ten or eleven of the best players in the NFL. Nelken the Darius Leonard are on that ballot. JJ kudos and talk about the season Quinton Nelson has had on that offensive line a protecting Andrew lucked. What do you do? You see them having a long jetty of say like a Ryan deem or a Tarik Glenn there on the offensive line. Oh, without a doubt. Yeah. I mean, certainly it's gonna be a perennial. Pro Bowl all pro player. Played every snap for you the season. The only colts player to do that. I mean, the durability and the reliability of hand play and play out. You just almost took for granted. And he he faced a gauntlet early in the year, Gino Atkins. What's your cock? You just some of the best interior defensive linemen the NFL anymore that held his own. And look at what everyone else did around that you know, Marla mce career aerosol air Hebron career, Andrew luck. Some could argue that the best season he's ever had. I just think Quinton Nelson. Brought a presence. I was desperately needed to that offense. Why amphibious the entire team made this analogy before when your best player is your hardest worker that goes a long way in Victor oil depot does that but the Pacers Andrew luck and quit Nelson do for the Colt? They are the most talented players, and they have the work ethic of a walk on. And that's pretty darn impressive. Kevin Bowen of ten seventy the fan. Joining us here on the hammer and Nigel show. Kevin one more thing on Clinton Nelson before we focus on the game tomorrow. I still hear people arguing and you see this on social media from some colts bloggers or fans that even know quitting Nelson has had a fantastic year. Number six in the draft was way too early to pick a guard having seen the season play out. Now, where are you on that? I strongly disagree with it with the way. Chris Ballard had to. You know, how he is handling the building of this roster. It is through the draft and traded back three spots you passed on maybe Bradley Chubb, I guess at number three overall who had a really nice rookie. See your take Nelson at six then you come back in the second round. You have to second round picks. You get grading Smith who your starting. Right. Tackle you get I believe in traded back. Again, he got high Kwan Louis later in the second round. And then you've got Jordan Wilkins in your fifth round. Jordan Wilkins was your starting running back early in the season. And then you turn around next year twenty nineteen here a few months and you get the jets second round pick, which is thirty fifth overall. It's like having another first round pick. So I'm sorry. I just don't think Bradley Chubb is that good of a player that could make up for a hall. That includes your starting left guard. You're starting rights at all a key defensive linemen, a, you know, a rotational running back, and then who knows what you're going to get here in the twenty nine hundred. Round with the New York Jets as you got three second round picks from that talking with Kevin Bowen of ten seventy fan. All right, Kevin. Let's talk about the big showdown tomorrow. At this point at the team. You've played twice already the road. Team has won by field goal. Each time. There really are no secrets between these teams. What's going to be the difference between winning and losing tomorrow? I think the biggest story line is the help of T Y Hilton. How effective he can be. He was he was more of a decoy on Sunday night against the titans. Six targets only. Two catches one of those came behind the line of scrimmage. I think you've got to be more than a decoy tomorrow. I think you need a production. You need that system. I mean, he's been unbelievable play into these injuries. But this is a serious injury. The Coulter are trying to be a little coy about it. This is a pretty big deal. But see why Hilton on the other things that stand out to me how you defend the Andrei Hopkins. Houston's best player I had one hundred sixty nine yards in the first meeting against the colts, which she's been one. He had thirty six yards this season. Low for him in the second meeting against the colts. That's the game that Houston law in Lafayette shrank strength, the colts offense of line versus the Texans defensive line. Those are arguably to the best units in the NFL. I think it's both teams strike I think whoever wins in the trenches specifically when the coal tab the ball Houston does that I think that will will decide the game. Kevin we've talked about the colts offense of Lyon. Let's talk about that Texans offensive line and their quarterback DeShaun Watson. Now, the Shawn Watson is mobile guy. He's an athletic guy. He doesn't throw picks, but you can get back there and sack the Shawn Watson because that Texan offensive line isn't the greatest that's still holding up to be true this weekend. Oh, that's a compliment hammer calling them not the greatest fair the worst unit in the NFL. They are pretty much let the COPA then honestly in years past the cult of athletes dominated the trenches and both meetings. They sacked Watson twelve times. We're talking about the most athletic quarterback in the league you sack him twelve times in two games. And then when they tried to want it Lamar Miller who's a pretty good running back. He's been totally bottled up by the colts and their defensive line. So I that is another key in just making sure Watson doesn't get out by the pockets the colts that are really a month ago. They blitz. Kenny board number twenty three a lot out of the slot that kept Watson and a pocket and that meant that the colts defensive line had plenty of opportunities one. I want to get the Houston offense. And they just wreck the game. So I think that's the biggest advantage the coal tab gone into tomorrow their defensive line against Houston. Putrid offense of line prediction. Oh boy. Well, your listeners probably won't love it. I think t y Hilton is hurt and I'm gonna go with the Texans. I just don't think he's healthy enough to give you six catches eighty five yards or whatever you're going to need. You had one hundred ninety nine yards out of 'em early last month when you want you had one hundred fifteen out of them when you walk back in week four that's the key to me of Hilton. It's helping produce. I think the colts win I think it's a coin flip type game. But when this closer teams are meeting, I think you need your five star players healthy and ready to go. And I'm just not sure if t wide open is all the way that tomorrow afternoon for those that want to follow along during the game. Do you live tweet during the game or things like that? Kevin. Yes, you can rip my mentioned in probably just made at Cabo and ten seventy on Twitter and intensive the fan dot com right after the game. We'll have some written content on the site. Kevin volunteers seventy the fan and ten seventy the fan dot com looking forward to the game tomorrow. And as always thank you k b. You got it you too. All right coming up next big knives. Culture gonna win though. I do I do I got that offensive line for the Texans. Is Swiss cheese. I think you can get back there and forced to Shawn Watson to make some bad. Luck got other weapons to and the one pack Marlin MAC, and the broader just had a baby, congratulations. The bronze. And I think I think he's got multiple weapons into dish into T Y Hilton. I hope boy wise gotta get that ankle together, man. Yeah. From what we hear, man. It's bad. It's way worse than a lot of people think when we come back, though, there's a restaurant that's already closed in Indy at a high profile location. I wasn't even sure how long it's been open. But it's already closed Primo real estate. We'll talk about it next. Hey, join me. Chad Benson tonight. We're gonna talk about the economy. Everybody's slow your roll. We're gonna give you the ends. The outs the ups and down. Mark Hamrick paint dot com. Joins us tonight at seven. Homer. Jesse? Hey, did you guys know that kids who play sports earn more money when they grow up? Of course. I I knew that. Hey, did you guys know that kids who read books have a bigger vocabulary? Oh, yeah. Absolutely. Wow. Jinks?.

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