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Home or you just want to use your brain to think about something other than you know coming up on the show today bestselling author speaker and now podcast host Pranay brown will be here her new podcast is called unlocking us and it is perfect for this moment plus we'll speak to the author of hidden valley road a fascinating account of a family plagued by schizophrenia and how their DNA has helped researchers and will take a minute to meditate together sixty seconds of mental space is on the plan for today we will get to all of it but first on March twenty second nineteen seventy two the equal rights amendment was passed by Congress from there it went on to the states for what seemed like could be a swift ratification process and then well Phyllis Schlafly happened a new series from FX Primera on Hulu called Mrs America is a fictionalized account of Schlafly's ability to mobilize conservative women in this country to fight the RA all while sort of ironically feeding her own ambition and acting a bit like a feminist except for that torpedoing an amendment to secure equal white rights thing the series Mrs America stars Cate Blanchett is Phyllis Schlafly as she lunges and parries with the leaders of the women's liberation movement Gloria Steinem played by rose Byrne Shirley Chisholm played by it was overdue by Betty free downplayed by Tracey Ullman and Bella Abzug played by Margot Martindale the nine part series doesn't take the binary hero villain arc it's more nuanced than that showrunner and writer W. Waller does not shy away from tackling the issues and divisions within the feminist movement is unafraid to explore the motivations of the women involved in stock E. R. A. it's a story of political maneuvering a history lesson and a reminder that the experiences and opinions of women never have and never will be monolithic Mrs America premieres on Hulu on April fifteenth and here's a little preview featuring Cate Blanchett as Phyllis Schlafly I am not against women I am not against women working outside the whole but what I am against is the women's liberation movement we need to get the word out quickly we want the right to be a mother the right to be a white delivers one to create a sex neutral to tell me you know what you're saying our movement is about fighting the oppression of all women we do not want housewives thinking that we are against them we are against the Aleutians how long are we supposed to wait how much time do we get people to adapt to change the other one is kind of waiting creator and showrunner Davi Waller.

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