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He says have at least seven to ten days worth of supplies, including water, food and meds. Do a lease cycle. Tell NPR news, Los Angeles. Stocks finished higher on Wall Street boosted by Bankin healthcare companies. While net flicks lead, a rally and internet and tech stocks. The NASDAQ was up one and three quarters percent. This is NPR. And this is KCRW. It's four thirty two. I'm Steve is here's what's happening right now. The lockdown is over at a couple of southern California college campuses this evening after they had received an unspecified threat. There were no injuries students and staff at citrus college in Glendora and nearby Zeus Pacific university in USA. We're told to shelter in place officers with the Glendora police department say that they took a man into custody. No word on what the threat was or what they are at least arresting the man four after that unspecified threat officers also deployed the bomb squad there on one of the campuses. But again, the lockdown is over at citrus ended a Zuza Pacific university on the second day of L A USD strike school administrators are paying close attention to the numbers. How many students are showing up at class? Will we do have firm figures about yesterday? We're not sure about today. But yesterday, the last attendance figure that they have and fewer than a third of the students showed up. Those absences are costing the district. Big bucks. Here's KCRW's sites men superintendent Austin Putin says the district missed out on twenty five million dollars in state funding on Monday alone. However, the district's hit was more like fifteen million when you subtract teacher salaries the wages of utility members. Not to work yesterday was approximately ten million twenty five million of lost opportunity. Elliott USD is funded by the state based on the number of students who attend school on a given day when students don't show the district doesn't get paid because of that. And because district officials say school is the safest place for students. L A USD is urging parents to send their kids to school KCRW, Sarah lsats been reporting hundreds of substitute teachers are in place at those schools, something that the teachers union said was he responsible to do? But they are there to oversee the children the students who are in the class. Asses and not necessarily in classrooms. But also in the gymnasium also the cafeterias as well. In large numbers Butin are also acknowledged that the strike is having a big impact on the district's finances are already in the red. Of course, it LA USD. We'll keep you posted on this story as we move on four thirty-four KCRW KCRW sponsors.

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