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In one thousand nine hundred ninety one solar temple members began doubting their leaders luke cherie and joseph dimambro after learning that many of the cult's magical rituals were nothing more than holograms and sound effects engineered by ex member tony to thuan some members left the cult but the core one hundred members became even more fervent in their devotion to the solar temples principles these principles incorporated co founder luc cher as neo nazi views solar temple members believed in white supremacy and particularly despised canada's indigenous peoples this racist hatred for canada's indigenous tribes was what finally brought the cult under police scrutiny on november twenty third nineteen ninetytwo a man who gave his name only as andre called several canadian parliament members andre warned the politicians that his param military group q thirty seven was going to murder claude ryan quebec's interior minister andrei claimed that ryan had to die because he was enacted policies that supported canada's indigenous populations concerned by the death threats against ryan quebec police quickly began an investigation into q thirty seven in the winter of nineteen ninetytwo unfortunately they had trouble digging up any information on q thirtyseven they couldn't even confirm whether this was a real paramilitary group that winter quebec police learned through informants that cute thirty seven was likely connected to the order of the solar temple it made sense cute thirty seven had threatened to kill ryan for supporting first nations people and police were well aware of the solar temples racist views on canada's indigenous tribes as the quebec police investigated the solar temple in the winter of nineteen ninetytwo they began to suspect that the cult's members were involved illegal weapons sales so they decided to set up a sting operation a police officer posed as an arms dealer and offered to sell weapons to the solar temple the ruse worked on march eighth nineteen ninetythree to solar temple members attempted to buy three semiautomatics equipped with silencers from the undercover officer police arrested both of them one of the arrested solar temple members was herman delorme at insurance broker and the other was jean pierre vigny an engineer and project donor for the government owned entity hydroquebec canadian police learned that delorme and vigny were allegedly buying the guns under orders from their cult leader luc jouret so they put out an arrest warrant for luke as well unfortunately they weren't able to arrest luke since he was abroad in europe police also discovered that a collinsville police officer named daniel to guy was secretly a member of the solar temple unaware of the sting operation to god at a temp to help delorme and vinay purchase the illegal weapons to guy was suspended from the force and eventually expelled when the news broke of the arrests on march eighth nineteen ninetythree reporters were eager to learn more about the cult just a few days earlier on february twenty eighth the united states military had begun a siege of the waco compound in texas controlled by cult known as the branch davidians the siege was receiving international media attention and reporters in canada hoped to capitalize on the public's newfound interest in cults reporters interviewed ex members of the solar temple to learn more about the cults views and began publishing damaging stories about the cult in march nineteen ninetythree the canadian public learned that solar temple members believed the world was about to end seeing as the solar temples numbers were mostly well educated and financially successful it was shocking for canadians to learn that they were members of a doomsday cult on march tenth reporters heard an even more horrific tale from an ex member rose marie klaus rosemary explained to reporters that lucan joseph manipulated their followers into giving them all of their money she also warned reporters that joseph tricked women into having sex with him by claiming the sex was a necessary magical element of the templar rituals we've seen this sort of manipulation and sexual abuse in other cults according to joseph navarro a former fbi agent who specialized in non verbal communication a destructive cult leader often take sexual advantage of.

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