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Remodeling. It's what we do. It's all we do. It's 12 38 After Rita Kessler in the W T o p Traffic center, updating the situation in the district. We still have the delays on North Bondi Si tu 95 coming from the 11th Street bridge, passing Pennsylvania Avenue. But the work is set up along the right side, not on the left side anymore. Also in the district on 9 to 95 seeing a delay approaching Malcolm X Avenue, where there should be some work in Virginia. It's the outer loop of the Beltway in a delay through Alexandria near Route one in Alex. Andrea and before the Woodrow Wilson Bridge work in both the locals and the throughs in the three lanes. The left lane will get you buy in the local lanes. It's the right lane that will get you by also the inner loop of the Beltway Before 50 in Virginia. The crash reported along the right side eastbound 66 is slow inside the Beltway headed toward Route seven where there should be some work set up 95 3 95, However, no reported problems Now in Maryland on to 70. It is north bound to 70 in the local lanes near Falls Road. The right side is blocked with the crowd. Cash on you Fear South bound on to 70 delays approaching and passing 109. A single right lane was getting by that works own Rhode Island Avenue north bounder Route one at 34th Street and Perry Street. The lanes were under police direction to uphold. It came down from an earlier crash. Traffic had been diverting at Perry Street on the Bay Bridge. The eastbound span. The right lane of two is blocked with the work. The westbound span runs two way traffic on the Harry Nice Mac Middleton Bridge traffic alternates to get across the bridge through the work zone in Virginia, North bound root. Wanted Opens Boulevard in reading, Dr. You had been under police direction for the crash with Allstate. You can really say, Find out just how much you can save today. Visit all ST dot com or call in Egypt to get a quote. I'm Rita Kessler. W t o p. Traffic the w T o p four day forecast from Lauren Rick. It's not too shabby today. Plenty of sunshine temperatures above normal as they approach that 50 degree mark Now, as we continue into.

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